Monday, September 22, 2008

Powerless Conversation: Lip Puppets

powerless words

It's a day as normal as any. Not sure if I was hungry or not; I headed off to the coffee house I weekly frequent. Upon walking toward the tiny building on the corner as my skin drinks in the warmth of the Nashville day, I notice people sitting and eating outside engrossed in conversation. Crossing the street, I nonchalantly pass a gentleman on his cellphone, burried in a cellphone "power conversation." Minutes later after ordering my drink, he enters. His order had been ready for some time and I had commented to him just so and that he had been deeply involved in a "power conversation." His response is the inspiration for todays "odd normal" blog. His reply came back, "actually I wish it was; instead it was a 'powerless conversation.' That's when the light illuminated the darkness concerning today's blog. I thanked him kindly for the inspiration and just perhaps today's blog will do justice to such a powerful statement....

They say words have power. They say you must be very careful what you say, especially if you are angry or really stressed. They say words shape our entire destinies. I cannot say that any of those statements are more true than others; but I can say that the opposite might equally be true. Conversation may well be "powerless" in America. Not powerless in its ability to mislead or empower or degrade; but powerless in its ability to hold its speaker accountable. It was one of the things I learned very early in life, pounded and drilled into my existence by my father, a man from a small town shaped by the relativity of black and in the south. "A man's word is his bond...without that, not much else matters. Be a man of your word," he would say at least once a week. Sick of hearing it, yes, I was; but indeed he did always do what he said he would even if it was later. As time passed, I grew to admire that about him. Years later I discovered that I had become the same way. I realized that I would rather a person promise me nothing or utter no words instead of saying something they neither remembered or meant. Then neither of us would be upset later.

With that am also reminded of another thing, people who are always shoving their religion and/or opinions down other people's throat. It was just last night that I recall saying to my sister, "people really dont care what you say, they watch what you do..." I suspect my statement was lost but its power isnt. Long after the elections are over, the winner will be judged by what actually happened....but really, what can change in 4 years? at this point, even 8? Ironicly the only thing I have noticed that creates instant change might just be the good news of the gospel we so desperately rush to extinguish from our pledges, money and state buildings....but thats another blog. Arent origin and identity linked regardless of evolution? (that one is free to whomever might feel obliged; just send me a link so I can read it too)

invisible puppeteers

It's become unfortunate and quite "normal" to have no faith in conversation or even whomever is expounding it. While I wish no leader to become entangled in some scandal; reality happens for one simple fact. All conversations are created by humans. Humans fortunately or unfortunately have yet to attain perfection. Perhaps if they did, they might become bored enuf to create something less perfect.....(I'll let that one linger for the marinade to drip through) Dont you hate giving good advice only to see it discarded like some used-to-be's autograph whose fame was as long as the distance to the ground from a footprint; easily discard for the next clean napkin at Waffle House. Humans....


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Andrew Stanfield said...

'When will I be dead and rid, of the wrong my father did?
How long, how long till spade and hearse put to sleep my mother's curse?'

T.H. White