Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Nod for Odd: The Downside Up

Rise of the Nerds

...all the nerds are still linked to each other and their pasts for all time; our shared pains remain even when we're numb

Its beautiful outside and the inside is not much different. I once wanst so comfortable with being myself. In fact it was a very painful journey internally, emotionally chaotic. I can only imagine how it must be now to grow up in America not a part of the elite. Yet some might argue that nothing has changed. With much whatever, sooner or later you realize you are different or at least just odd. As you evolve, you begin to hunger for the difference that has kept you so issolated, so distant from the rest even in crowds, so uniquely in need to remain that odd or increase the distance between the dots. There is that point that if you cant beat them and you cant join them; you become your own — the self proclaimed crown prince of pop, in a manner of speaking. Someone once said that if you stand still long enuf the whole world will come back around. What dulls the fury that has accumulated by the time it comes back? What can cool the rage of a thousand demons focused on a single anger? right? Anyway — for those who really know what I am talking about understand the energy surge from the the Highlander after the fall of the head.

the quickening awaits

The great fear and great seduction is loving the quickening and wanting it much more than the justice that preceeds it. I just want the energy, the power, the juice of the quickening; do the heads matter or why they were lost? Sooner or later you just want the Quickening flowing through your veins without worrying about the heads. In the end there is always justice; there's just not enuf heads...... So if we bail out all the "Immortal Financial Giants" that lumber across the land and reward the crooks who blame our own greed as their justifications to continue to keep their twisted decaying teflon souls while the country falls to its knees on the way to its stomach; will they live to bypass our knees completely next time...and there is always a "next time"....


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