Monday, September 29, 2008

Absence Matters!

Bozo Baker

Hmm....this blog could go a lot of different directions...

It is the absence of things that provide information of the place they hold in our perceptions and realities. It is as simple as missing the warm embrace of a loved one, the consistency of the norm no matter how good or bad or the vital parts each of us play nonchalantly in everyday life; never quite aware of our importance, purpose or comic relief. Send in the clowns!

Bozo The Clown

I never noticed how scarely Bozo looked before or is it the simplicity of my thought that's missing?
Its all such a divine sadistic.


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Bendy said...

When we lived in Rockford, IL I'd watch the Bozo show (out of Chicago) with my daughter every morning. The one thing I noticed was that Bozo had a dark mean streak. He was NOT a fun loving clown.