Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Traceable Darknesses



Starring Diane Lane, Colin Hanks, Billy Burke and Joseph Cross, this movie is a thriller. Directed by Gregory Hoblit, the story is quite entertaining from an cyber standpoint, making it very relevant. The crux of the movie is a geeky serial killer who posts pictures/streaming video of his murders on the web! Of course, his excuse is that "we," the public are responsible for the murders because we wont stop coming to the site and certainly wont stop watching until the deed is done.

I found the movie entertaining in many ways in spite of being irritated that an investigator of cyber crimes would be so continually cyber careless. (you know how it is when a movie makes you yell at the screen) I am not here to review the movie; but I will say that the humanity of the plot is extremely realistic. Why cant we stop watching the trainwreck? Why must we watch someone else's misery? I immediately am reminded of the long slow white bronco chase from an unmentioned exfootball player or a certain pantiless popstar spiraling hopelessly downward and the list goes on. Somewhere in our own postulate selfrighteousness, we are lifted by someone else's plunge.

Would you be able to stop watching? Can you look away when you're entertainment is right before your eyes? Ever wonder why so many people get hurt from filming a tornado? No matter how bad the news story; next week there's one more important. Last week's disaster/crime is old news, tossed aside and forgotten; we constantly need new candy...... So is it really the tobacco company or those supporting them; thus requiring their existence? What of the big petro companies/countries?

Smoking Works

...so whose slogan is this really.....??? Maybe we all own a little percentage..... PLEASE! Dont click on the image.


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Andrew Stanfield said...

We need drama. Sad but true. No one would watch the story of the perfectly-adjusted family sitting through dinner complimenting each other's manners. We want conflict, agony, contention. I guess the positive you can say about that is we aren't boring.