Thursday, August 28, 2008

There is no finish line!

Its a cruel trick of life that we discover after Santa is no more. It begins with the little things and escalates to all our foundational gems. First they say, they love you no matter what. Then they say, God loves you. After that, they tell you that you can be anything you want to be. And finally, be the best. I often wonder would it have been better to aim high and end up low or aim low and be thrilled with ending up normal? It seems that everything one begins ends or never ends. Standing still is never really an option even if you opt to do nothing. Its like being on a conveyor can go faster if you walk too; but if you stand still you're still moving. I guess we are fortunate in that we can sometimes choose whether we are moving forwards or backwards.

If I saw me leave could I stand in still and say hello tomorrow? No, I'm not smokin' anything. Never needed to. The best roads are unpaved and unmapped. There are no signs telling you which direction to take or guarantees after the next turn. That is the natural way...blindness. Only in the dark will the light appear. Even at death, life keeps going. In eternity there is still tomorrow....


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Andrew Stanfield said...

They say too much light is blindness just as surely as too much darkness is. That's the good thing about life, there is always tomorrow. Hope will still live as long as we do.