Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Storm's A Brewin'

storm brewing

Its funny how we can look at the sky and notice the clouds gathering. We tend to note how dark they are or how bulbous a thunderhead might be. We really notice when one side of the sky is light and the other very dark. Sooner of later you see the birds all flying in the same direction...away. It reminds me of growing up...that critical moment before you did what you shouldnt have done that you cannot turn back from....that was the day my mother nailed my skull with a skillet. I remember it very well. 15 years are just like yesterday. Yeh, I know, that explains a lot.

Whats even funnier about it all or maybe ironic is the term, is that even God tends to give us a bit of sarcasm by basicly saying "you notice the seasons and everything else going on; but suddenly you dont understand what I want or said? How can that be? Funny how the truth can be that way sometimes. Truth is typically the source of our greatest angers and fears. We wouldnt dare want you to tell us the truth; its much more polite to that what "political correctness" has reinforced?

Take note next time when you see the clouds in you life gathering....its probably the same; there's a storm coming. Did you flip off the guy guilding a giant boat or the evacuee volunteer trying to get you to leave your present location? When was the last time ignorance was wise?


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Andrew Stanfield said...

Sometimes you can feel it coming, both from Mother Nature and the people around you. It's only a matter of time.