Monday, August 04, 2008

The Irrevokable Past; Still Today

Dont leave me

Keith Edmier, "Beverly Edmier, 1967," 1998

I found this image by accident when searching for something else. It is an extremely powerful image and it really speaks to me. My early childhood days left some bit to be desired at times. I was very young; somewhere between 5-10 years old when I remember my mother almost leaving my father. It was night time and all I remember are the tail lights slowly disappearing in the darkness. I remember it like yesterday. It was then I remember thinking that I would never be dependent on someone again; they are always subject to leave. I knew who I would go with if I had to choose; and if I didnt, I would choose myself — at least I would always be with me. The logic seems odd; but it still seems sound today. I am always fascinated by the human mind/psyche; how the mind stores memory, sensory and emotion together. I say that because I remember the darkness, I remember the air temperature, I remember the internal hurt and the thoughts that went with it. It is certainly no mystery that children suffer from events that happen to them during the formative years. Everybody remembers something horrible from gradeschool and spend much of the rest of their lives making sure to never experience it again. [yeah, this blog is WAY real and I shouldnt even share it with you]...

But that is the beauty of testimonies — they empower someone else to make better decisions or to at least know they are not alone in their experiences and/or even to have hope. Life certainly turned out alright for me; but their were days I certainly would have had my doubts. This picture or better yet, the concept behind this conceptual sculpture is earthshattering. In this single image; we can get several things. I will list only my few; you may have completely different ones. 1) The fruits of love 2) See what I made 3) I am you 4) don't throw me away...etc. Great piece of work! Isnt that the beauty of good art; it makes us think and examine our world and ourselves?

Hence to my final thought; "if those memories are stored as chemical compounds; do we reconvert them to energy as we become old; making the newest memories disappear and the oldest more real?" [inverse memory consumption?] I suppose we all have something we are trying to get over or block out all together; but is that act itself giving it more power? Would we have been better sooner if we had just forgiven completely? Hmmm...I dont know.


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Andrew Stanfield said...

I am ashamed to admit my first thought on seeing the artwork was, 'Candy.' That's the weird, wonderful thing about life: it can be argued life is energy coursing back and forth, but that's not what it seems to be while we're living it. Our memories stay with us, our hopes sustain us. It doesn't FEEL like a chemical reaction, it feels like it means something.