Thursday, August 28, 2008

There is no finish line!

Its a cruel trick of life that we discover after Santa is no more. It begins with the little things and escalates to all our foundational gems. First they say, they love you no matter what. Then they say, God loves you. After that, they tell you that you can be anything you want to be. And finally, be the best. I often wonder would it have been better to aim high and end up low or aim low and be thrilled with ending up normal? It seems that everything one begins ends or never ends. Standing still is never really an option even if you opt to do nothing. Its like being on a conveyor can go faster if you walk too; but if you stand still you're still moving. I guess we are fortunate in that we can sometimes choose whether we are moving forwards or backwards.

If I saw me leave could I stand in still and say hello tomorrow? No, I'm not smokin' anything. Never needed to. The best roads are unpaved and unmapped. There are no signs telling you which direction to take or guarantees after the next turn. That is the natural way...blindness. Only in the dark will the light appear. Even at death, life keeps going. In eternity there is still tomorrow....


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Storm's A Brewin'

storm brewing

Its funny how we can look at the sky and notice the clouds gathering. We tend to note how dark they are or how bulbous a thunderhead might be. We really notice when one side of the sky is light and the other very dark. Sooner of later you see the birds all flying in the same direction...away. It reminds me of growing up...that critical moment before you did what you shouldnt have done that you cannot turn back from....that was the day my mother nailed my skull with a skillet. I remember it very well. 15 years are just like yesterday. Yeh, I know, that explains a lot.

Whats even funnier about it all or maybe ironic is the term, is that even God tends to give us a bit of sarcasm by basicly saying "you notice the seasons and everything else going on; but suddenly you dont understand what I want or said? How can that be? Funny how the truth can be that way sometimes. Truth is typically the source of our greatest angers and fears. We wouldnt dare want you to tell us the truth; its much more polite to that what "political correctness" has reinforced?

Take note next time when you see the clouds in you life gathering....its probably the same; there's a storm coming. Did you flip off the guy guilding a giant boat or the evacuee volunteer trying to get you to leave your present location? When was the last time ignorance was wise?


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Do you B-E-L-I-E-V-E?

scarey eyes

There are things that do go bump in the night. Some of them bump back. I have seen them once and yes, there was some fear involved. Are you brave enuf to turn on the light or are you cowering beneath the sheets with clenched fists praying/begging for morning?

Find out which one you are? Play the game!
The results may suprise you. Click on the image and rise to a new level of terror!
demon power


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Deliciously Stewed Bat!


Well I finally saw the Batman movie. Yeah, it was willing to forego all the hoopla and wait until I was sure I might go to the IMAX and have room to spread out and enjoy the potiential of such a movie in private. I was certain it would be near impossible to top BATMAN BEGINS and with modest hope, I was considering the error of my thoughts. Heath Leger...hmmm; so what. He never did much for me; besides Jack Nicholson had already been the Joker. Who could be better than Jack? Slipping into my seat with popcorn and no drink due to the forewarned length of the movie I began fighting to ignore all the tiny lit screens of cellphones and handhelds gleeming in the darkness. That is another reason I dont usually go to movies...lack of consideration. Well enuf of that; on to the Bat. Bale is definitely the best of all the caped crusaders. I say that being completely MARVEL; but fully embracing this tiny jaunt into DC land.

Bale is easily the best Bruce Wayne and the best Batman. His brooding stares wrinkle his soverign temples as the Bat must choose between oposing identities. Bruce Wayne is a complex character, at least as of the last two Batmans. He is a man with all the trappings that should make one happy; but they are also his curse. Trapped among the money, ego and deep sad emptiness from losing his "good" parents he cannot successfully engage in true love. That would become a weakness. The struggle between the man and the bat fight for ownership of reality...which identity is the costume. Of course some of you already know how I feel about masks....

Morgan Freeman...always good. There are some who only get better; especially when they typically have only been "good" characters in the past. Its nice to see these golden geriatrics of Hollywood break their own molds and transform into multidimensional personas; i.e. Denzel Washington.

Michael Caine...again, always good. Yes, he is a butler, but so much more. He is the out-of-body conscienceness of a father long dead and Bruce Wayne prior to corruption or chose.

Heath Ledger...the Joker! Let it be decreed once and for at least now, the best of the Joker. Again, I occassionally have a problem siding with the villian but for "good" reasons. I really had little expectations here. Let me say within the first 10 minutes, the movie was already worth full price and IMAX prices at that. Never has the role had such honesty and pathos for reality. It was if Socrates were wearing clown makeup. From the makeup to the gestures to the sadistic humanity of reasonlessness, the Joker scores all aces. While I was occassionally reminded of Prison Break in terms of his planning and foresight, there wasnt once that Leger did not own the screen. He was never visible too long nor insincere in his venir. It is the madness that breeds such genius. I only wish he could have survived long enuf in the darkness to have seen the brilliant light on the other side. The role is legendary. The performance is immortal.

As for the movie, its a "2 thumbs up with a lap of popcorn and chocolate." I dont buy many movies mostly because once I have seen it, I know how it ends. My memory is really good...but this may be one of the very few in the company of Terminator 2, Shawshank Redemption, The Notebook, Transformers, Spiderman, Its A Wonderful Life and Blair Witch. Sometimes the hero has to play the villian to protect humanity from itself. Its a tough call; but BATMAN is willing to make that choice. Everything in this movie comes together like a warm beef stew on a chilly December afternoon by the fire...perfect. As for the Mummy and Jet Li; please recycle the film....Give the promos guy a huge raise.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Traceable Darknesses



Starring Diane Lane, Colin Hanks, Billy Burke and Joseph Cross, this movie is a thriller. Directed by Gregory Hoblit, the story is quite entertaining from an cyber standpoint, making it very relevant. The crux of the movie is a geeky serial killer who posts pictures/streaming video of his murders on the web! Of course, his excuse is that "we," the public are responsible for the murders because we wont stop coming to the site and certainly wont stop watching until the deed is done.

I found the movie entertaining in many ways in spite of being irritated that an investigator of cyber crimes would be so continually cyber careless. (you know how it is when a movie makes you yell at the screen) I am not here to review the movie; but I will say that the humanity of the plot is extremely realistic. Why cant we stop watching the trainwreck? Why must we watch someone else's misery? I immediately am reminded of the long slow white bronco chase from an unmentioned exfootball player or a certain pantiless popstar spiraling hopelessly downward and the list goes on. Somewhere in our own postulate selfrighteousness, we are lifted by someone else's plunge.

Would you be able to stop watching? Can you look away when you're entertainment is right before your eyes? Ever wonder why so many people get hurt from filming a tornado? No matter how bad the news story; next week there's one more important. Last week's disaster/crime is old news, tossed aside and forgotten; we constantly need new candy...... So is it really the tobacco company or those supporting them; thus requiring their existence? What of the big petro companies/countries?

Smoking Works whose slogan is this really.....??? Maybe we all own a little percentage..... PLEASE! Dont click on the image.


Monday, August 04, 2008

The Irrevokable Past; Still Today

Dont leave me

Keith Edmier, "Beverly Edmier, 1967," 1998

I found this image by accident when searching for something else. It is an extremely powerful image and it really speaks to me. My early childhood days left some bit to be desired at times. I was very young; somewhere between 5-10 years old when I remember my mother almost leaving my father. It was night time and all I remember are the tail lights slowly disappearing in the darkness. I remember it like yesterday. It was then I remember thinking that I would never be dependent on someone again; they are always subject to leave. I knew who I would go with if I had to choose; and if I didnt, I would choose myself — at least I would always be with me. The logic seems odd; but it still seems sound today. I am always fascinated by the human mind/psyche; how the mind stores memory, sensory and emotion together. I say that because I remember the darkness, I remember the air temperature, I remember the internal hurt and the thoughts that went with it. It is certainly no mystery that children suffer from events that happen to them during the formative years. Everybody remembers something horrible from gradeschool and spend much of the rest of their lives making sure to never experience it again. [yeah, this blog is WAY real and I shouldnt even share it with you]...

But that is the beauty of testimonies — they empower someone else to make better decisions or to at least know they are not alone in their experiences and/or even to have hope. Life certainly turned out alright for me; but their were days I certainly would have had my doubts. This picture or better yet, the concept behind this conceptual sculpture is earthshattering. In this single image; we can get several things. I will list only my few; you may have completely different ones. 1) The fruits of love 2) See what I made 3) I am you 4) don't throw me away...etc. Great piece of work! Isnt that the beauty of good art; it makes us think and examine our world and ourselves?

Hence to my final thought; "if those memories are stored as chemical compounds; do we reconvert them to energy as we become old; making the newest memories disappear and the oldest more real?" [inverse memory consumption?] I suppose we all have something we are trying to get over or block out all together; but is that act itself giving it more power? Would we have been better sooner if we had just forgiven completely? Hmmm...I dont know.