Thursday, July 10, 2008

Born Choiceless-Curse of the Nongod


We are all born helpless and in need of care. We all die much the same way...helpless and in need of care....

Its Thursday morning and you havent heard from me in some time. There are probably many reasons for such prolonged and unwritten silence but none of them seem available to me. Its one of those weeks stuck in between crunch time and waiting for the next wave...its not a bad place to hover. Our morning has been uneventful other than an interesting conversation between coworkers. The conversation began innnocently enuf; but the scope quickly went deep. If you live long enuf, it is likely you will experience some of life's unpleasantries. There had been a horrible accident this morning that resulted in a young child in a PT Cruiser having a belt buckle lodged into his/her skull.... Needless to say, that would require significant impact; not to mention a severe degree of pain. I then remarked of the erie silence that envelopes a room if you are present at someone's death. Coworker Crock told stories of a previous time when he worked for a wrecker service and some things that he would never forget.

elder careBy the end of it all, he remarked that he preferred to go quick; that way he could preserve his "dignity." My question also filled the room with an erie silence, "is dignity over-rated or just egotistical narcissism?" Certainly all men are born to die. We come into the world naked, hairless and helpless; how befitting is it that we leave the same way? No, none of that is a pleasant thought. Nor are the responsibilities of having to tell a parent what, when and what they cannot do...; that horrible loss of independence. Even worse; to be the person forced to endure the realization of the things you can no longer do for yourself, even the most private of necessities. Yeah, we eventually all agreed that we preferred a certain "quality of life."

We all agreed that we preferred to maintain "dignity." We all agreed that we would also have no choice just as the hundreds, if not generations before us. Its a sobering thought for a Thursday; nonetheless, thats the way it happened. Thats the way it was. Thats how we left it. I will be heading off to a dental appointment latter in the afternoon. I hope they have plenty of gas; that's really the best part of it all...could I get some extra gas to go please....comfortably numb....

Sometimes I wonder if the angels have
those kinds of days too and does it make them fall?
What is the great equalizer on the other side?


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