Thursday, June 26, 2008

Constricted Creativity: Sip, Gulp, Surrender

Alice Cooper

It is an oddity that seems normal now days. My pensive friend wants to be published. I am often contemplating the course of "great artists" who were best BEFORE being "popular or published." It would seem that the moment you are owned by the machine, the fury of the creative wanes. Perhaps the cosmos is not happy with us trying to direct its intentions. Perhaps people are better creating when they are not constrained. Creativity is the bloom of a well watered flower; its bound to draw bees. I taste it in occassional gulps; sometimes only sips; its nectar is unmistakeable and fuels the lust for its return.

There is a residue that the creative leaves on its victims. They have a certain smell. Their energy is more than just their own. They seem magnetic even when there may be no obvious "cosmetic incentives" apparent. It is an invisible python encircling its prey with an unmatched passion, quietly consuming rational conscienceness, squeezing free the distractions that would make it easily jealous. Creativity is a jealous master. If its not number one; it becomes number missed. Her revenge is devastating. Oh, you dont believe me. Hmmm...think of any musician that "used to be hot;" stare into the photo of their eyes, peer into their soul. They would give up anything get back in the soup of its graces.

Creativity feeds on whatever its surrounded by in addition to its own agenda. There are no substitutes for it. It is a red hot brand from a roaring fireplace surrounded by lavish cozy sofas; its light glowing through cool wine glasses. Full attention ONLY. Thats the beauty and danger of creativity. I hope you get published; but moreso, I hope its what you anticipated and the cosmos remembers your location and continues to endorse your presence and disciple. Cheers! I'll sip to that.


Thursday, June 05, 2008

Angels Glow Best in Darkness

Dark Places of Light

Its always one of those grey areas for me. People who are "deeply religious" but only go to church and only have "church friends." I am certainly no scholor or saint; but to the best of my understanding Jesus rarely hung out in church with the "religious" all day, rubbing elbows with the local perfect. I have heard several arguments on praying the same things over and over; (God's really busy, He may not have heard you the first time — is that the logic or the more you ask, the more serious you must be) Of course Christ states that we ought to always pray. In the gardens before his betrayal, He prayed the hardest; so much so that his tears and sweat became blood. Can you imagine being serious enough that your sweat becomes blood; that's SERIOUS! Of course, everything after that was mega SERIOUS too. All prayers dont get anwered no matter how sincere you are or dire the situation. I am always agast when people get upset when God didnt show up on their schedule. Its ok; I've been there! Truth be told, part of the mystic of being God is that it really doesnt matter what anybody thinks — what can they do about it? I like that scripture that says, "Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life ? Matt 6:27 or even better "Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. Matt 6:34

So why this blog about this subject? I dont know. I recently needed to make an emergency visit to my father-in-laws bedside. We have become good friends. In poor health, I asked if he would humor me and of course he did. We had a brief prayer for he and the family and his community. He is quite the thinker and any true thinker is really an asker; someone who doesnt take everybody's word for it and wants his own answers and direction. I can respect that. We chuckled after the prayer because I knew his thoughts on the subject which I verbalized with a "yes, I know. yada yada yada." My reply was, its ok. I have enuf for both of us. We will NEVER be able to talk somebody into something that someone else cannot talk them out of. The surest argument is in action; words are cheap. Somewhere in the hearts of men we are all looking for our own unique experience with the Infinite that removes most of our questions and builds our faith. It is only the continued consistency of that faith that promotes our freely exercising of it; sometimes in spite of the fear of failure.

To my knowledge I have never seen an angel. People flinch when I say I want to see and hunt demons. They see it as a foolish desire with peril meanings. I say, if all the things read in the Book are true, what have I to fear. Is not one confirmation of the other? The darkness is only terrifying to someone who has never been there. That reminds me of one of my favorite Sanford and Son episodes. Lamont, his son cautions him with the "Fools tread where wise men fear to go" quote; Fred responds with "Wise men never go; so how are they to know." Granted you dont have to stand in front of a bullet to know its gonna hurt; but every wound is not fatal. I leave that to your own grain of salt.

All I know is that something is much bigger than us. Far be it from just being "good people" is a higher connection that precipitates the necessity to be more than average that is manifested in the appearance of being a "good person" but there's so much more than that...or is there? Angels are higher than men. There are no certified courses for that degree. You just are or you arent. Perhaps the human is the catipillar to a higher form beyond a "good person."