Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What We Do For Others!

Neck deep in work, I am taking 15 minutes to release this thought. As some of you know, I have been moving for the past month which has nothing to do with being settled in; thats another months to a year blog. It struck me that few things are done for ourselves. For instance, if you want the house cleaned or to look clean, invite company over. Isnt it odd that we eagerly cleanup for company; but are quite content to live in it ourselves. Is it because its ours? or something more sinister? I spent Saturday cleaning out the garage, dusting the baseboard and clearing spiderwebs from corners. It dawned on me that I would have probably never done this had I not been moving. There are corners and shadows I had never seen since the first time I moved in. Evenmoreso; I thought of all the things that didnt matter to me about me or my life unless it was on display for the eyes of others. How is it that we will do more for others than ourselves? Don't I deserve optimal conditions at all times too? .... obviously not.

Besides, who's been keeping all this junk? Why would it have even been moved here and not thrown away anyhow? I thought I threw that away a long time ago! We havent used that in 10 years. Why are we keeping it now? A million questions for a billion situations....


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Linda Russell said...

Great blog- as usual- you find the nuggett in the day