Friday, May 30, 2008

Tomato Reality: Silent Roars

I find that I am often given to long moments of silence. It comes after the continued giving that tends to leave you empty. It becomes a time of replinishment and self examination and even pruning. Its a gift; its a curse; the ability to immediately change drasticly. Sometimes it makes reality spin dizzily.

Maybe its a sign that I talk too much; but my silence tends to not go unnoticed. I dont know if thats good or bad and have stopped caring. It is what it is. I have often said that things capable of great good are also capable of monumental destruction. That is the nature of being born human; we are but coins who's thoughts can immediately flip us from one side to the other; providing blessing or damnation. It is written that blessings and curses shouldnt be able to come from the same place. NOTE: An orange tree only makes oranges. An apple tree only apples; so it is with a tomato plant. Here's the crux; the tomato plant DOES produce ripe and rotten tomatoes! I tend to cast people toward the tomato; not the tree; free to be ripe and rotten — the best of both. It is much like now; it only lasts for an instant and then becomes then, shortly followed by the past and logged into history. Even the presence of the worm on the tomato plant is ultimately irrelevant. Were it not there, the tomatoes would still rot on the very vine of life. Is TOO much life still death? Too much freedom enslavement? Too much intelligence the juice of fools? away

...and why would we choose to throw a rotten tomato over anything else...we cant wait to get our stink on somebody else......???? If everybody stinks then noone smells.....


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