Thursday, May 08, 2008

Hidden Below Here

seeing from somewhere else

I guess you could say I am somewhat fascinated by DEATH. I dont know if its because I do or I dont understand it. It doesnt matter how famous or rich you are; he comes. Nobody bargains and nobody cheats. If you got away; it wasnt your time. Dont brag; give thanks. Hopefully you will be ready on the reapproach. Today I am trapped inside and there is no rain in the darkness; just unity. WE are all on the same page in the same ink with only one paragraph. Its gonna be hard to leave here...not even sure how I was fortunate enuf to get here. Its raining outside. I can hear it falling. I can see it running from the sky to the ground. I feel its impact on my skin; but I'm dry. The clay isnt muddy. The vibration never reaches the core; rather the tremmors from below bounce them off. Soon this day ends and I will have to exit this warm darkness and crawl back to the surface.

I suppose thats ok to get back to the top. Going under is necessary sometimes to catch your breath. Breathing is easier with the absence of air on some days. Dont get dizzy; its pure. So whats new with you. Not much here, just everything that was the same. If we were all the same would we still be at war trying to create a difference? If there truely was just one love; would hate be abolished or still be the bride of humanity?

Ahhh, down comes the rain; but not below; only bouncing from the surface from the tremmors below.



Andrew Stanfield said...

Yeah, that's one ride we're all gonna get on. Appreciate the now, so they say, to be ready for the future. Don't hide from those raindrops, experience them.

Anonymous said...

A tortured soul fighting every day to endure. Ditto. Peace and Love.

The gift of creativity is a beautiful thing. May your heart be joyful and thankful to sing. Do not fall into the hidden trap. I just escaped from the curse of that. Ask not the question, "What is wrong with me?" Compare not to others or you will surely see. Wait not for others to bring you the light. What is right about you will restore your sight!