Thursday, April 03, 2008

Internal eSCAPE; the other side of the rain...

ant escape

Its a RAINY Thursday and I love it. I sit here on break for 15 fleeting moments thinking of you and what I will say in so short a time. Of course, there are no loss of words.

The thunder rumbles into the bowels of the building. I can feel the vibrations from the floor into my chair. My plants sway invisibly to the electricity running through the walls. I enjoy watching them grow and live. Their intense green hue, their delicate leaves like solar panels twist from the breeze of my cordless fan rotating to and fro. My ears are plugged and you know what that means....I am totally INSIDe and everything is open. I can feel the tickle of the blood against the walls that channel them to their important destinations.

Perhaps it is true that everything is relative. Perhaps it is equally true then that everything is also a relative. Yeah, I throw that one out there for free. Add some sugar and sip slowly...may be hot to the brain. The hypnotic rhythms bounce from one ear to the other and my fingers move like ants on a hot tin roof across the keyboard. Only my eyes tell me what my fingers are whispering. The rain sound so good. I miss being in the deep country during a good storm. If you have ever sat in the top of a swaying pine tree high above the earth as the wind rocks you; you might understand the peace in distance from the now; the perspective from a bit back; the mind taking in more than the immediate. mmmm

Anyway, that's my Flash Fifteen! Enjoy your day and love the "bigger than you"!

tiny ant sauntering over fingernail of cosmos

P.S. If we could see ourselves in the big picture, how much smaller than ants would we appear?

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