Monday, April 21, 2008

Fightin' the Funk!

girl in a funk

Funk is a strange thing, the way it tracks you down and clings to you like yesterday's silk or that spiderweb of misterious origins. How do you get out of the funk? Its pretty difficult to wade out. Swimming requires intense energy. You probably wont be successful thinking your way out either; besides, thats probably how you got there.

Indeed: there is but one way out of the Funk!
Sudden and immediate, violently contesting with much upheaval, straight up or down. Funk is lateral; you cannot swim to its edges. Its very viscous; you cannot fight or outstretch it. For me: I have a few tried and true solutions for when I hit Funkytown. Sometimes its as simple as a phone call; other times its as simple as taking a nap. You have to find your own solutions.

I found this resource when a friend told me they were in a funk. It looks good; so I pass it along to you. It can't hurt! For me; I have to make my funk-break suddenly; by responding VERY deliberately and violently so as to be ripped from its fingers; I cant just ease out of it — it would take forever and probably some collateral damage too. Funk typically is a result of too much introspection; you sorta get trapped outside yourself where you cannot see the illusions that so easily comforted you before. Cheers! Call your favorite friends or have chocolate with red wine!
This too shall pass....


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Andrew Stanfield said...

Good stuff. We all need a way to rise out of the deep blue sea from time to time.