Wednesday, March 05, 2008

T - R- A - P - P - E - D -- I-N-S-I-D-E !

trapped inside

They say silence is golden. They're wrong. Its priceless. Life has a way of teaching its lessons in such a way to never be forgotten. As I sit here listening to one of the great Springsteen songs, "TRAPPED." I have not blogged in some time in hopes of getting around something trapped inside. Well, I am not sure who won, me or me. That will make sense to everyone who has considered theraphy. Nonetheless, everything has its price. Everything costs something; even if it leads to good. So this short attempt to elude blog blockage will leave you with a magnificient song.

Seems like I'm caught up
in your trap
Seems like I'll be
wearing the same
old chains
Good will conquer
And the truth will
set me free
And I know some
day I will find
the key
I know
somewhere I will
find the key
Seems like I've
been playing your
game way too long
Seems the game
I've played has
made you strong
When the game is
I won't walk out the
I know I'll walk
out of here again
I know someday
I'll walk out of
here again

Well now I'm
OOh yeah
OOh Yeah
Trapped ...more

How does one escape himself?
Who's reflection is it in there lurking back?
Does a porche become a stationwagon if never driven over 40 MPH?

Are these just clever or not-so-clever questions from a rambling mind struggling to be more than a grey maze? We often fall back on superstition and the mystic when we dont clearly see a solution before us or cannot easily explain our current lives. I have always managed to raise an eybrow from the establishment for one reason or another. The "establishment" tends to find my inquisiton for answers irreverant or in ill taste; I think not. WE can never settle for run of the mill answers or pretend the giant pink elephant in the room in spandex is not standing on our big toe; destined to follow the status quo and make no waves, ask no questions, and seek no true understanding. The world bleeds with hurting people in desperate situations sick of our "canned" responses long grown stale from our non-air-tight lives. That makes asking the questions worth while and seeking the answers a never-ending adventure. Some solutions require dirty hands and feet, eyes, lips and what not; that is the nature of the beast.

We are often trapped by ourselves. In truth, there are few we love as much as ourselves but many would be unwilling to admit that. I confess; if I had to be me; I would; especially when I have no answers or not-so-proud of the staring relfecion snickering at my self-ordained humanity. What darkness there lurks? The brilliant eyes of defiance gleeming in the blackness look out from a pool much darker to a world destined to become just as dark. It is those same eyes that burn with the light of indescribeable world yet to evolve or has already evolved before many times before now. The future is so bright I cant wear shades; my footsteps are invisible. Jello wiggles with no effort in an earthquake.


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