Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Mental Tuesdays and Angry Skies

angry sky

...did you know there was a "cloud appreciation society?" That's where this pic is from.

Today is a great day to be mindless, to just let your thoughts roam free and creativity to simmer in the primordial proverbial soup to which your skull comfortably holds, occassionally allowing cautious drops to spill. Its Tuesday and I am bummed. At the beginning of this month, I felt the next graphic quantum leap coming (that's a special time that "all of a sudden," you skills do this mad jump to the next level of wow!) Now I dont feel it anymore. I think it left because I didnt use it when it came. :( bummer!!!!

Sometimes you get these great ideas, or at least they seem that way at the time; then you get side-tracked and they fade, leave or just get jumbled with something else. A day like this reminds me of my origins and why I love one of my favorite stories sooooo much; The Ugly Duckling. The ugly duckling deserves his own show like UnderDog. What if The Ugly Duckling grew up to be the AFLAC duck...kind of a Robin Hood Duck avenger. Ok...nuf of that snuff.

Its rained cats and mostly dogs all day and it would have been great to be still in bed listening to the thunder rumble overhead. Meanwhile, I am going to watch this a bit longer and think of the possibilities an ugly duckling could have in a pond like this. This could be the year! Thanks, oh pensive pontificator for the image and ani-music. Its cool stuff!


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Andrew Stanfield said...

You're very welcome. Thought you might like that little clip. If this isn't the year, why not make it the year? When something can't be done...