Friday, February 15, 2008


Gas Costs

I think there is another bio solution to the fuel crisis....


Its an issue that gets heated debate. There is a solution readily available. We are sitting on the solution. There's more than enuf to go around and its constantly renewing. I am not sure if there is data on the mph potiential; buttttt..........

Some claim it is necessary and others claim it increases personal happiness and world peace. Some products aimed at eliminating actually only temporarily correct the problem, products like Beano, charcoal and the simethicone surfactant-containing Gas-X fail to address the underlying cause of most flatulence -- diet. Fortunately, Dr. Rubman has a number of safe and natural tips for healthier eating. These include...

* Limit certain carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are more apt to cause gas than proteins or fats since they are so often incompletely digested, leading to gas production down below. Among the biggest culprits are foods that contain simple sugars such as fructose, high-fructose corn syrup or the sugar alcohol sorbitol. Soft drinks, fruit drinks, artificially sweetened diet products and sugar-laden processed foods in general cause gas because the intestine is not designed to absorb large quantities of these substances, which feed intestinal flora and ferment, eventually producing gas. Dr. Rubman recommends instead opting for healthful carbs -- whole vegetables and fruits that are easier to digest and overall a healthier choice. Even though they too may cause gas, usually it's to a lesser degree and their benefits clearly outweigh any downside.

* Be careful about food combinations. It's a mistake to mix carbs like French fries or mashed potatoes with protein such as in cheeseburgers and steaks. While these combos may sound great together on the menu, in reality they are difficult for the body to digest and likely to cause digestive upsets such as gas. Desserts -- even fruit, which you might ordinarily view as a healthy choice -- can likewise cause problems when eaten after protein-rich meals. Protein takes a long time for the body to digest, causing sugars eaten afterward to remain in the digestive tract longer, fermenting and causing malodorous gas. To stave off flatulence, it's best to eat fruit as a snack on its own or else 30 minutes before a meal or an hour or two afterward.

* Don't spill the beans. "Blazing Saddles" anyone? Notorious for causing gas, as in the memorable scene in the Mel Brooks film, beans contain the sugar raffinose. They are nonetheless packed with vital nutrients and fiber, and therefore deserve a place in your diet. The secret with dried hard beans is proper preparation. You can reduce the flatulent effect of these by washing them well and soaking them overnight in cold water. Then dispose of the water and cook them thoroughly (according to Dr. Rubman, do so until they "pop in your mouth like ripe grapes") the following day, in enough fresh water to cover. Canned beans have already been soaked and cooked, but they aren't as nutrient-rich as those you prepare yourself.

* Take a digestive enzyme. In Dr. Rubman's view, virtually everyone over 30 can benefit from taking a digestive enzyme with most meals. He recommends products such as DuoZyme by Karuna and Gastri-Gest by Priority One. For optimal digestion, also eat slowly, limit fluids with meals, chew thoroughly (he advises 30 chews per bite) and resist the temptation to overeat. Gulping down food on the run -- especially too much of it -- can lead to gas and other digestive woes.


Passing gas may be good for a laugh -- especially among schoolchildren -- but truthfully, chronic flatulence is no laughing matter. Flatulence can be a sign of irritable bowel syndrome or other bigger issues. If you suffer from persistent, noxious flatulence (especially when the odor extends to the breath, which happens in severe cases), schedule a visit with a physician specializing in digestion and GI diseases who can evaluate your problem and help you get your digestive tract back on the right track.

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