Friday, February 22, 2008

Odd Thinking for a Friday

passion (pashun): 1. A powerful emotion, such as love, joy, hatred, or anger. 2. Ardent love. 3. Boundless enthusiasm

Passion, an often elusive, easily drowned, evasive grain of sand in a handful of beach that you live for or live without; missing but aware of its absence. I say all that because I have been passionate before about things I was doing, making or loving/hating. I know when its missing or misplaced. Obviously there are things I like, like sitting here spilling my guts to an invisible audience who couldnt turn away from a train wreck if somebody paid 'em; no slam intended—just DNA. I want to hear the course of the mighty river cutting down through the forest moving anything in its path, to feel the wind of its force scratching the surface of my face as my soul rides the wave...yes! It's real! It happens! Why should we settle for anything less or maybe; why do we settle for anything less? What chases it away or rips it from our bleeding fingers? I suspect its different for everyone; but I bet its all the same in the end. Some small part of us is dead; beaten lifeless by time and circumstance and kicked into an open ditch by the wayside. (I dont know what that means but I know what it means.) I remember a time I would stay up all night drawing without a picture in mind at the start but driven by something to keep drawing, watching it grow and appear and evolve before my eyes, letting time, food, people or anything but an occassional bathroom break ever be acknowledged. I remember my mother walking thru the dining room at 2:30am and shaking her head. With a slight grunt, she would flash her smile and go back to bed after nodding at the clock. Those were the days. The FORCE. It could replace anything and everything else. That's what I miss about then. In fact, there were times I was afraid to pick up the pencil for fear of knowing the power of the posession, knowing how time would slip away and how I would also disappear in the river of the FORCE; not to mention anyone close who would surely be ignored and offended by such ignorance. I guess you count the cost or so you tell yourself without acknowleding the collateral debt. There has always been a point for me that I have felt the FORCE become offended at being ignored and no priority given to its needs; then it reacts. It doesnt come back often or when submit to summons in an effort to teach you a lesson. Some say destiny and fate are the same way — what you ignore long enuf; ignores you back.

Once a month I am asked or ask myself, what am I passionate about? If there was one thing I had to do or I would die; what would it be? I'm not referring to people or relationships or food; but "essence," what is that part of myself that is completely essential? Sometimes I regret so many questions because the answers are rarely pretty. Luckily I have no problem with ugly and ugly things; the underdog of things—that is my atomic structure. Its kind of like the Stanger Than Fiction movie; this narrarator voice keeps whispering in the background; but in some other language. What is my passion? Do I have any left? Can I get it back? Can I get it back without losing anything I already have? History has demonstrated that artists are worth more dead than alive and that great artists attract disaster for creative fuel......hmmmm...(not going down that road).

Reality is a fog, hiding the nonfiction of our existence and irrelevance in a cosmos older than our ignorance.


Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hot Seats on the Black Market

Stolen Toilets

OK...I really needed a laugh today; this helped. It really ticks me off when somebody steals my seat. Oh the other hand, I am more than sure I have my own offenses.


Friday, February 15, 2008


Gas Costs

I think there is another bio solution to the fuel crisis....


Its an issue that gets heated debate. There is a solution readily available. We are sitting on the solution. There's more than enuf to go around and its constantly renewing. I am not sure if there is data on the mph potiential; buttttt..........

Some claim it is necessary and others claim it increases personal happiness and world peace. Some products aimed at eliminating actually only temporarily correct the problem, products like Beano, charcoal and the simethicone surfactant-containing Gas-X fail to address the underlying cause of most flatulence -- diet. Fortunately, Dr. Rubman has a number of safe and natural tips for healthier eating. These include...

* Limit certain carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are more apt to cause gas than proteins or fats since they are so often incompletely digested, leading to gas production down below. Among the biggest culprits are foods that contain simple sugars such as fructose, high-fructose corn syrup or the sugar alcohol sorbitol. Soft drinks, fruit drinks, artificially sweetened diet products and sugar-laden processed foods in general cause gas because the intestine is not designed to absorb large quantities of these substances, which feed intestinal flora and ferment, eventually producing gas. Dr. Rubman recommends instead opting for healthful carbs -- whole vegetables and fruits that are easier to digest and overall a healthier choice. Even though they too may cause gas, usually it's to a lesser degree and their benefits clearly outweigh any downside.

* Be careful about food combinations. It's a mistake to mix carbs like French fries or mashed potatoes with protein such as in cheeseburgers and steaks. While these combos may sound great together on the menu, in reality they are difficult for the body to digest and likely to cause digestive upsets such as gas. Desserts -- even fruit, which you might ordinarily view as a healthy choice -- can likewise cause problems when eaten after protein-rich meals. Protein takes a long time for the body to digest, causing sugars eaten afterward to remain in the digestive tract longer, fermenting and causing malodorous gas. To stave off flatulence, it's best to eat fruit as a snack on its own or else 30 minutes before a meal or an hour or two afterward.

* Don't spill the beans. "Blazing Saddles" anyone? Notorious for causing gas, as in the memorable scene in the Mel Brooks film, beans contain the sugar raffinose. They are nonetheless packed with vital nutrients and fiber, and therefore deserve a place in your diet. The secret with dried hard beans is proper preparation. You can reduce the flatulent effect of these by washing them well and soaking them overnight in cold water. Then dispose of the water and cook them thoroughly (according to Dr. Rubman, do so until they "pop in your mouth like ripe grapes") the following day, in enough fresh water to cover. Canned beans have already been soaked and cooked, but they aren't as nutrient-rich as those you prepare yourself.

* Take a digestive enzyme. In Dr. Rubman's view, virtually everyone over 30 can benefit from taking a digestive enzyme with most meals. He recommends products such as DuoZyme by Karuna and Gastri-Gest by Priority One. For optimal digestion, also eat slowly, limit fluids with meals, chew thoroughly (he advises 30 chews per bite) and resist the temptation to overeat. Gulping down food on the run -- especially too much of it -- can lead to gas and other digestive woes.


Passing gas may be good for a laugh -- especially among schoolchildren -- but truthfully, chronic flatulence is no laughing matter. Flatulence can be a sign of irritable bowel syndrome or other bigger issues. If you suffer from persistent, noxious flatulence (especially when the odor extends to the breath, which happens in severe cases), schedule a visit with a physician specializing in digestion and GI diseases who can evaluate your problem and help you get your digestive tract back on the right track.

Well that's the end of it.


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

IF Love Died?

"What a Wonderful World," Louis Armstong sings. It's almost Valentine's Day, that special day set aside to say I love you to someone you are endeared to. Some say Love is a waste and only complicates the simplier desires of life. Some say Love is the most powerful force in the universe. If cupid took the day off, what would change?

Would the earth begin to burn from all the hate in the world? Would society begin to disintergrate and fighting break out in the streets? Would marriages suddenly cease or lovers smack each other to death? I don't know the answer to any of those questions; thankfully neither will you. We have a great capacity to fall in and out of Love easily in America. Ours is a love of convience. In fact, you can go to Vegas and have a drive-thru marriage if that tickles your fancy. In our instant society, we have lost the love of brewing. Brewing adds character, flavor and richness. If the cupid should fall or the greatest cupid of all should stop loving; then we should all abandon hope now.

Good Shepard

Thank goodness we all get our mutiple chances whether we care, believe or deserve over and over again.


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Mental Tuesdays and Angry Skies

angry sky

...did you know there was a "cloud appreciation society?" That's where this pic is from.

Today is a great day to be mindless, to just let your thoughts roam free and creativity to simmer in the primordial proverbial soup to which your skull comfortably holds, occassionally allowing cautious drops to spill. Its Tuesday and I am bummed. At the beginning of this month, I felt the next graphic quantum leap coming (that's a special time that "all of a sudden," you skills do this mad jump to the next level of wow!) Now I dont feel it anymore. I think it left because I didnt use it when it came. :( bummer!!!!

Sometimes you get these great ideas, or at least they seem that way at the time; then you get side-tracked and they fade, leave or just get jumbled with something else. A day like this reminds me of my origins and why I love one of my favorite stories sooooo much; The Ugly Duckling. The ugly duckling deserves his own show like UnderDog. What if The Ugly Duckling grew up to be the AFLAC duck...kind of a Robin Hood Duck avenger. Ok...nuf of that snuff.

Its rained cats and mostly dogs all day and it would have been great to be still in bed listening to the thunder rumble overhead. Meanwhile, I am going to watch this a bit longer and think of the possibilities an ugly duckling could have in a pond like this. This could be the year! Thanks, oh pensive pontificator for the image and ani-music. Its cool stuff!


Friday, February 08, 2008

Baby Talk


Did you ever wonder "WHY" babies talk like babies? What is it about getting what you asked for?
Why would we be surprised if we were selling washing machines that they would "buy" washing machines.
Perhaps, if we are unhappy with what someone has, does or believes; we should examine what our expectations really were?
We have become a land of babies, never held enuf, never heard enuf and never seeing ourselves enuf....


Thursday, February 07, 2008

The Goat of It All; Eyes of Perception

If now can never be the future then how can the past be now? Why does time fly when you're having fun? Is it the counting of the seconds that slows time? Does our perception create the borders of time?


Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Camera Made Me Do It

This poor woman, Philly family court Judge Lisa Richette, is really having a tough time. Her son, Lawrence Richette, who was arrested for assaulting his 78-year-old mother. Yup, that's Lawrence on the right there, letting it all hang out. Said Mr. Richette: "This is what I think of TV news." more...

Somedays you just gotta wonder. For all the things the camera has helped us do; its apparently helped us do too much. It is the camera that has liberated more Americans than politicians. In our continuing tech-savy consumer feeding frenzy, cameras have gotten more powerful, more easily hidden, more invasive and in more places than ever. We would be horrified if we knew all the times and places we were being watched.

"...there's no way this is only going to show up once"

Even worse; cameras tend to bring the worst out in us. What is it about a camera that suddenly liberates more Americans from their clothes than there are tribesmen in the Amazon. The funny part is the shock and horror when they discover their indescretions are suddenly everywhere; as if anyone wouldnt tell/show all their friends. The only thing that has done more for nudity than cameras is the internet.

Don't get me wrong; I love the human form as much as the next guy and I have nothing against being nude (no pun intended) or nekit (thats country, naked and up to something) but be sure its on your terms PERMANENTLY. Thanks to cameras and the internet, there's no room left for common sense. I was amazed (sorta) when the Girls Gone Wild group was being sued by some of the participants who had no idea that they might end up on something nationally distributed including mom and dad's hometown. The thrill is gone but digital is longer than dark tatoos.

Perhaps, at least for the time being, the only camera I trust is behind my eyelids....I think my memory will do just fine.


Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Who's Watching Over Me?

ghost soul

Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray the Lord my soul to keep.

If I should die before I wake
I pray the Lord my soul to take.

What happens if you forget to make arrangements before you die?
Do you have a living will for that unforseen moment? Are you ready?
How do ghosts fit into it all? Spirits / angels / demons?
Do ghosts get tired of roaming? Is there ghost fitness?
Do you have to stay on the same property?


Friday, February 01, 2008

Play Hard at Work

Play Hard Working

Hmmm....I was just thinking. We are inundated with contradictions from birth. Isn't it odd that all your life you have been told to grow up, stop playing around and work hard.

...but isnt it more interesting (including SuperBowl weekend) that if you work hard playing for a living; you get more stuff! ...and if you play really good, the world bows at your feet to give you even that odd?

Is life better if we play through it, laughing, smiling, dreaming, wondering and reaching; crashing into our barriers, learning from eating grass and washing the mud out of our lemonade moments....