Friday, January 25, 2008

IT's Just Between ALL of US; The Moment of Truth

Isnt it odd what we will do for money. Lock Down America! It seems that the security of personal information is really important these days. In fact, it would seem that very few things are more important than keeping all our information and lives PRIVATE. Enter The Moment of Truth, FOX's new wound to the body of RealityTV. Here's the dish:

Contestants can win $500,000 as long as they answer each question truthfully - or, one should remember, fool the polygraph. Remember its accuracy isn't enough to be admitted in most courts but is OK here.

Host Mark L. Walberg turns up the heat on a number of guests with such questions as: Have you ever thought your boyfriend Jeff might be gay?
Do you blame your father for tearing your family apart?
Is there a part of your husband’s body that repulses you? To a guy named Brad, he wants to know, While at your current job, have you ever touched a female co-worker inappropriately? A woman - presumably Brad’s wife - reacts to his answer: Yeah, that's why you sleep on the couch.

Before throwing a brick at Fox for this dreck, it is important to note that the show didn't kidnap anyone off the street. The contestants know beforehand they will be asked personal questions. The ones that make it on-air are culled from a list of about 50 to 70 players who were asked earlier while strapped to the polygraph. ...more...

Whew! So whatever happened to keepin' yo' business to yourself!? Even if you had nothing to hide, these questions have the ability to create doubt, suspicion and worst just by being asked. Aren't personal relationships, marriages, friends and etc worth more than "possibly" winning some cash? Less is more; lost to this show.... Even worse; hey, they know what they signed up for in advance; the show may be over but the consequences can still be heard exploding in the background. Jenny Jones' got nothing on this show.

Even worse; I watched and watched it all. Are we so hooked on trrain wrecks that we would stand in front of one ourselves if nobody else did so somebody could see or notice us? We all seem extremely lonely and searching, broken and damaged and that commonality alllows us to risk everything for just "our 15 mins of fame; no matter what happens afterwards; besides, its just TV.

One thing is for sure; what we see, we do. What we listen to, we speak. What we eat is added to our waists, butts and stomachs. If it wasnt true; do you think SuperBowl commercials could charge such outrageous amounts and get it over and over? How's your mirror treating you? Victims once or twice; volunteers forever....


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