Friday, January 11, 2008

Flattery Crossing

Flattery will get you anywhere!

Life is funny in a whole lot of funny ways. Of course, few of those are actually ha ha; more like hmmm or eek. I have been doing more blog reading than blogging here in January 2008. I even have emailed less than usual somuchso that some are questioning if I have sworn off friends in my new year's resolutions. But I must say there is a cosmic ...pause... that I am feeling that requires me to act and to stand still at the same time; not an easy feat.

I had a tea and an elixer this morning at my normal java hut. I made a statement as a clip came over the flat screen. Why do women need a gay guy to tell them how to be more of a woman? While I didnt expect an answer, I got one. Actually it was a good one [...maybe if you're good, I'll share that later]. Anyhoo, the show was 'Look Good Naked' hosted by Carson Kressley's new show. You may remember him from Queer Eye, another interesting show and concept that challenged your perspective. Carson makes some good points:
1. "It's so different from doing a men's makeover show. Guys were easy. They're like teaching puppies. … Women have so many more issues attached to their body because they're bombarded by airbrushed images from magazines every day."

2. Kressley wants women to stop thinking about how big their stomach is and about the size of their pants. He says that makeovers let women see themselves for real, and they're changing their lives. Kressley played three clips from "How to Look Better Naked," for the "Good Morning America" studio audience.


...the crown prince of the pink aesthetic...

Clip 1: In the first clip Kressley showed the audience three different images of women, and asked them to vote on which woman they thought weighed the most. Each photo was actually of the same woman, but without knowing that the audience chose woman B as the winner.

point? 3. "We use [the clip] to show some of the women we're making over that it's all about how you carry yourself. It's not only how we see you, but how you see you." ...more...

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

The answer to my original question simmers like a fine stew on a wood stove in the heart of winter. I suspect it could help some "straight" men to become better husbands too. Don't we all want to be better....just not perfect. Quoting from a good friends blog It Depends in a blog about the persuit of perfection: Their pursuit of perfection is a staggering undertaking because it is always advised against. Isn’t it? I’ve read that in a number of places- do your best but don’t try to be perfect; if you expend too much energy trying to be perfect you won’t have enough to finish the job and be great, etc. the human ever content not being the god...really?


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Andrew Stanfield said...

"How you see you" does come across and we all would like to think of ourselves as good-looking, smart, witty, powerful, etc. Whatever we are we're not content with it, and we're advised against becoming so. Aren't we? According to the commercials there's always room for improvement and they who stand still are stagnating etc. And ah, the pink aesthetic...that's a great title for something.