Wednesday, January 30, 2008

MadMaximus Thoughts

Maximus Food for Thought... 
Better be wise by the misfortunes of others
than by your own. --Aesop  

Its not that I dont like making mistakes. Its not that I am practically perfect (wink, yes, only kidding; no really). Its not that I dont feel for the poor sap that fails at something for my amusement.

But truth be told, I would rather learn from somebody elses mistakes than my it quantum leaping if you will. Why do I need to experience the mistake if I can gain the benefits of watching someone else's mistake from a safe vantage point that allows the wisdom without the whack. Its not secret that I would be the first to say, ...better you than me...; but I mean that in complete empathy and sympathy and probably selfishness too. (smile...hey, I'm just being honest. That's not a crime yet.) Its even more sad when the mistaker doesnt learn from his mistakes but you do....


Monday, January 28, 2008

Losing Your Head Over Her

Its Monday and we have survived the weekend. Althought it was not very eventful, it had its finer parts. One thing of note for sure is the Cloverfield movie. The short of the plot is this:
Five young New Yorkers throw their friend a going-away party the night that a monster the size of a skyscraper descends upon the city. Told from the point of view of their video camera, the film is a document of their attempt to survive the most surreal, horrifying event of their lives.

In my less that professional opinion, the movie is good! For me, its somewhere between BlairWitch 1 and War of the Worlds. It was well paced, great action, believeable dialogue and an interesting plot. A side for a few unbelieveable human reactions or nonreactions (ie...not punching the camera-holder in the nose after being told repeatedly to put it away...etc) it is worth big-screen price. Others may disagree. In the words of my brother, it "ahright." However; I am not the one to see the same movie several times unless its REALLY GOOD and that has to be REALLY GOOD!!!

The more intreaguing thought for me is what happens to the human psyche when its icons are destroyed. Imagine standing in the street when the head of the Statue of Liberty comes barrelling down your way. Some things we kinda take for granted as in "ahh that will never happen".....but what if it does. When the unthinkable occurs, we find ourselves like a record with the needle being held in the same place or suspended. (oops...showing my age again.) a CD or mp3 suddenly scratched and unable to go to the next verse.... (wink). OF course, its New York getting the mayhem again. We have grown to trust our images/idols without question. The terror comes when we are confronted with the fact that they are only just that, icons/symbols and have no power to protect us from anyone or thing in a real crisis. There are so many little things we take for granted and without them life would be pretty daunting or at least running water, electricity, gasoline, video cameras, cellphones or machines.... What is it about us that runs for the camera when its about to hit the fan? Tornado's comin,' grab the camera!


Friday, January 25, 2008

IT's Just Between ALL of US; The Moment of Truth

Isnt it odd what we will do for money. Lock Down America! It seems that the security of personal information is really important these days. In fact, it would seem that very few things are more important than keeping all our information and lives PRIVATE. Enter The Moment of Truth, FOX's new wound to the body of RealityTV. Here's the dish:

Contestants can win $500,000 as long as they answer each question truthfully - or, one should remember, fool the polygraph. Remember its accuracy isn't enough to be admitted in most courts but is OK here.

Host Mark L. Walberg turns up the heat on a number of guests with such questions as: Have you ever thought your boyfriend Jeff might be gay?
Do you blame your father for tearing your family apart?
Is there a part of your husband’s body that repulses you? To a guy named Brad, he wants to know, While at your current job, have you ever touched a female co-worker inappropriately? A woman - presumably Brad’s wife - reacts to his answer: Yeah, that's why you sleep on the couch.

Before throwing a brick at Fox for this dreck, it is important to note that the show didn't kidnap anyone off the street. The contestants know beforehand they will be asked personal questions. The ones that make it on-air are culled from a list of about 50 to 70 players who were asked earlier while strapped to the polygraph. ...more...

Whew! So whatever happened to keepin' yo' business to yourself!? Even if you had nothing to hide, these questions have the ability to create doubt, suspicion and worst just by being asked. Aren't personal relationships, marriages, friends and etc worth more than "possibly" winning some cash? Less is more; lost to this show.... Even worse; hey, they know what they signed up for in advance; the show may be over but the consequences can still be heard exploding in the background. Jenny Jones' got nothing on this show.

Even worse; I watched and watched it all. Are we so hooked on trrain wrecks that we would stand in front of one ourselves if nobody else did so somebody could see or notice us? We all seem extremely lonely and searching, broken and damaged and that commonality alllows us to risk everything for just "our 15 mins of fame; no matter what happens afterwards; besides, its just TV.

One thing is for sure; what we see, we do. What we listen to, we speak. What we eat is added to our waists, butts and stomachs. If it wasnt true; do you think SuperBowl commercials could charge such outrageous amounts and get it over and over? How's your mirror treating you? Victims once or twice; volunteers forever....


Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Wet Unslick: INSIDE

understanding what we dont see

Its Thursday morning and last night we got our first hint of the snow we southerners look forward to once a year. But the dim light of the morning would reveal nothing of the sort. No evidence of what is to come; nothing but a wet black road. I enjoy leaving early for just such a reason — the long solitude of a conversation with the cosmos. The conversations happen on may levels...the road and the tires, the wet and the tire, the birds and the sunrise, the sky and the clouds, the air and what moves through it....etc. As I drove in, I listened to the road, wetness and tires...its like a continued sticky, like constantly pulling duct tape from skin but less painful. In that sound is the heartbeat of the cosmos, the white noise that is the road to anywhere but here. My eyes strained into the almost-night morning as the trees and poles struggled to separate themselves from the thick black of the night before. The tiny headlights and taillights weaving across the lanes of shiny black. I wondered what it must look like to anyone who had never seen cars or someone far more advanced who only saw it as ignorance chasing pipedreams and conformists needing something that was completely unimportant and selfish. What if it was something that had never seen people; would it be trying to figure out what the thin line means down the center of the road and why the little objects sometimes crashed.....(yeah, one of those mornings....)

I hurried along the wet unslick at my normal pace; fast. It was clear to me that the threat of black ice or worse was only a hope left unanswered at this time. It was at best the result of a mild rain. The morning grew brighter and then it was day. My mind was still lost in the mist of the darkness, still wondering about many things. I thought of the joy of clockmakers; so many tiny little parts separate but united, little parts depending on other parts quite different, all working together in the bliss of function vs conscience. I like meeting new people and studying the unobvious similarities among them. I am always amazed at the complexities behind their eyes or just below their skin. Sometimes the blood beneathe their flesh sounds different; but most things below are more common than whats above. I try to imagine their stories and struggles that they hide behind the projected clean cut, smiling, professional glare so maticulously painted on their smug faces with color sharpies.

staring eyes

The face is quite the does so many things that are really all limited by the perception of the eye. Nothing else of the face is unique when not enslaved by the eye. Sure you can taste, feel or smell a face; but the value of which is really still dominated by the eye. With the eye, we see and communicate based on the face; we form opinions and judgements with the eye of the face and the person attached to it; and yes, we value or devalue with the eye when we look at the face. what if we had no eyes? maybe sonar or whatever else. Would there still be so many wars and prejudices? Absolutely; the eye is but an extension of ourselves, driven by our own perceptions beyond its mere function to mold the world according to our instruction. Unfortunately, we as humans will always find something to separate us from each other; even if we were all clones of the same person. Such is our nature. A tomato can never be an orange; even in the dark. Even without eyes, each one has a different impact.


Friday, January 11, 2008

Flattery Crossing

Flattery will get you anywhere!

Life is funny in a whole lot of funny ways. Of course, few of those are actually ha ha; more like hmmm or eek. I have been doing more blog reading than blogging here in January 2008. I even have emailed less than usual somuchso that some are questioning if I have sworn off friends in my new year's resolutions. But I must say there is a cosmic ...pause... that I am feeling that requires me to act and to stand still at the same time; not an easy feat.

I had a tea and an elixer this morning at my normal java hut. I made a statement as a clip came over the flat screen. Why do women need a gay guy to tell them how to be more of a woman? While I didnt expect an answer, I got one. Actually it was a good one [...maybe if you're good, I'll share that later]. Anyhoo, the show was 'Look Good Naked' hosted by Carson Kressley's new show. You may remember him from Queer Eye, another interesting show and concept that challenged your perspective. Carson makes some good points:
1. "It's so different from doing a men's makeover show. Guys were easy. They're like teaching puppies. … Women have so many more issues attached to their body because they're bombarded by airbrushed images from magazines every day."

2. Kressley wants women to stop thinking about how big their stomach is and about the size of their pants. He says that makeovers let women see themselves for real, and they're changing their lives. Kressley played three clips from "How to Look Better Naked," for the "Good Morning America" studio audience.


...the crown prince of the pink aesthetic...

Clip 1: In the first clip Kressley showed the audience three different images of women, and asked them to vote on which woman they thought weighed the most. Each photo was actually of the same woman, but without knowing that the audience chose woman B as the winner.

point? 3. "We use [the clip] to show some of the women we're making over that it's all about how you carry yourself. It's not only how we see you, but how you see you." ...more...

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

The answer to my original question simmers like a fine stew on a wood stove in the heart of winter. I suspect it could help some "straight" men to become better husbands too. Don't we all want to be better....just not perfect. Quoting from a good friends blog It Depends in a blog about the persuit of perfection: Their pursuit of perfection is a staggering undertaking because it is always advised against. Isn’t it? I’ve read that in a number of places- do your best but don’t try to be perfect; if you expend too much energy trying to be perfect you won’t have enough to finish the job and be great, etc. the human ever content not being the god...really?


Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Did You Know?

sexy pig

How do you feel about Pizzle Grease.....

Here is a term you may not be familiar with; I wasnt. My dearest friend, Tiny called last night and asked me if I had some. After crossed eyes and a snarled nose, a casual I-haven't-clue-what-you-are-talking-about uhhh stammered from my lips. I listened with anticipation to her odd story revealing a past I wasnt sure of any longer. Maybe I had been a victim of "pizzle-grease" afterall...maybe I had been an unsuspecting user.

So by now; you must be curious. Here is her story retold. Needless to say, its one of those "old folks used to" stories lost with time and progress. Here goes....nevermind; just click here.