Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Heroes: The Unfolding

I watched Heroes last night. First off: I don't read up on all the blogs and behind the scenes or even participate in the creating a new hero through Sprint gimmick. --not to say that its good or bad; just not me. The show was good. I made the mistake of not watching the clock so that when the cliffhanger came; there I was, gasping for air barely hanging by a toenail from an infinite chasm of wow. When the show ended, I stopped thinking about it and went on to my next, Journeyman. Sometimes I think it is slightly better than Heroes. I said all that to say this: perhaps it is the villians that are the heroes. Perhaps it is the villians that empower us to be or become heroes. Without the villians, would there be any heroes?

I must confess; amist the mirade of heroes in Heroes, I find that Sylar contines to do it for me. What is it about a great villian! The beauty of a true villian is that nothing stands in his way. The guardrails are gone. I could only wonder if the "heroes" had no rules; could they still be heroes? Is there not a way to have that same single-minded passion good villians posess? Why do the heroes always get tangled up in stupid romances and emotional spider webs that only make them weaker.

I am reminded of the movie, City of Angels with Nicholas Cage. He is an angel with various power and prominience and immortality and he trades all that in for humanity. (sheesh) Take Spiderman one when Spidey tells the chick "no, he's Spiderman!" Unfortunately, Hollywood needs to junk up a good hero until his/her teeth are rotting from goodness.

Anyway, back to the beauty of Sylar. Beneath his dark orbs you can feel the seething fury to posess all the power; whatever it takes to get it from everyone else, the joy he derives from watching their helpless bodies of victims squirm as he "looks to see how it works." Its not hard to see how he crafily uses emotions and implication to master the weak minded. Ahhhh. Don't look now; he's got em right where he wants em. This is the part where they usually start screaming. I occassionally wonder how they got rid of his power when I am not thinking "but they didnt; they're just trying to make him think that by fooling his mind." The magic for it all to me is enjoying the journey.

I dont need to know how or what or why what's next--- I'll be watching and I'll savor it then. Have you even known people who never enjoy a movie because they're so frustrated trying to figure out the end at the beginning? Not I. Sure I typically can see it coming; but I want to crawl around in the dark afraid first and just perhaps the villian will mistake me for being unaware and get his own surprise.


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