Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Heroes: The Unfolding

I watched Heroes last night. First off: I don't read up on all the blogs and behind the scenes or even participate in the creating a new hero through Sprint gimmick. --not to say that its good or bad; just not me. The show was good. I made the mistake of not watching the clock so that when the cliffhanger came; there I was, gasping for air barely hanging by a toenail from an infinite chasm of wow. When the show ended, I stopped thinking about it and went on to my next, Journeyman. Sometimes I think it is slightly better than Heroes. I said all that to say this: perhaps it is the villians that are the heroes. Perhaps it is the villians that empower us to be or become heroes. Without the villians, would there be any heroes?

I must confess; amist the mirade of heroes in Heroes, I find that Sylar contines to do it for me. What is it about a great villian! The beauty of a true villian is that nothing stands in his way. The guardrails are gone. I could only wonder if the "heroes" had no rules; could they still be heroes? Is there not a way to have that same single-minded passion good villians posess? Why do the heroes always get tangled up in stupid romances and emotional spider webs that only make them weaker.

I am reminded of the movie, City of Angels with Nicholas Cage. He is an angel with various power and prominience and immortality and he trades all that in for humanity. (sheesh) Take Spiderman one when Spidey tells the chick "no, he's Spiderman!" Unfortunately, Hollywood needs to junk up a good hero until his/her teeth are rotting from goodness.

Anyway, back to the beauty of Sylar. Beneath his dark orbs you can feel the seething fury to posess all the power; whatever it takes to get it from everyone else, the joy he derives from watching their helpless bodies of victims squirm as he "looks to see how it works." Its not hard to see how he crafily uses emotions and implication to master the weak minded. Ahhhh. Don't look now; he's got em right where he wants em. This is the part where they usually start screaming. I occassionally wonder how they got rid of his power when I am not thinking "but they didnt; they're just trying to make him think that by fooling his mind." The magic for it all to me is enjoying the journey.

I dont need to know how or what or why what's next--- I'll be watching and I'll savor it then. Have you even known people who never enjoy a movie because they're so frustrated trying to figure out the end at the beginning? Not I. Sure I typically can see it coming; but I want to crawl around in the dark afraid first and just perhaps the villian will mistake me for being unaware and get his own surprise.


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Whats keeping your gift wrapped?

gift wrapped in red with bow

The ribbons of our thoughts keep tidy the gifts of our lives.

For those of you old enuf to remember playing records, otherwise known as vinyl, on the record player or currently CDs on your CD player long before mp3s, you will remember this. Isnt it pleasant to be listening to your favorite tunes, drifting like the scent of fresh warm buttered pancakes being chased by frying bacon in the morning air, to some place other than now.

Isnt it terrible when the annoying scratch or skip occurs to crash you back to reality. I find it particularly similar to having realities we "assume" are "true" being suddenly shattered. What do I mean? Some of you can remember when Kennedy was shot and what you were doing when you heard the news. Some of you can remember 9-11, where you were and what you were doing when it happened. The point is this: "We might easily assume that some things go on forever or thats just the way things are" until suddenly we get a heartstopping wake up call. Something drastic happens and suddenly nothing is what it was. I am talking foundational as opposed to things tied to the first kiss. What if suddenly everything you never thought could happen did; would you resemble the poor people listening to War of the Worlds by radio for the first time; and run for the nearest highest window? People tend to respond to those kinds of shocks that way. Why do they make airline stewardesses say, "in the event of an emergency, please remain calm...." That's why its an emergency — calm is out the window; we talkin' survival now!

Its not odd that our normal is rooted in the familiar consistency. No, no crisis here. Actually I was looking for some clip art and came across a beautiful gold ribbon and bow around a Christmas present and it struck me how similar it is to our fragile existence...so help in place by "common assumption" and unnoticed faith in things taken mostly for granted. On the coming of Thanksgiving, I can only search for new ways to become even more thankful that at least my illusions have not been ripped away and my face shoved into the cold unforgiving concrete of reality. I think about the soldiers who are away from home fighting (few illusions running through their minds); I think about and remember the victims and families of victims from 9-11 (no illusions there; anything can happen at anytime, even in America, the strongest, freeest, richest country in the world); I think of the civil rights leaders and their families (no doubt of the darkness in humanity) and the list goes on; but I won't fail to mention the firemen and policemen and their families who deal with any host of potiential realities daily. There's a lot to be thankful for everyday and far more frequently than that. There really are no guarantees. That ribbon is worth the cost of the gift it wraps....


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Darth and For All

darkness vs the Light

Since this Star Wars keeps coming up in discussion; I will follow the stream. Some debates are as old as time. Darkness vs light is not immune. I was rambling in thought when it questioned me. I had to pause between steps to be sure the words seemed logical. In the space of a footstep, the universe shattered.

Is dark power different from light power? Are they the same; just used diffently by its yielder? Is there a one more powerful than the other? If so; what can the Light power learn from the Dark to become invincible? ...or vise versa for that matter? They say evil never dies; does good? Does the definition of "anything" require the presence of "versus?"

Alien vs Predator


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Stop The Aliens!

I dont want to grow up

I love this picture. It reminds me to never take myself too seriously. While there are adult situations and responsibilities; I want to stay a kid in the sense of always looking at things from a point of wonder, always seeing the good, believing in magic, hoping for the impossible and looking forward to new things and adventures. I never met a hopeless kid; only hopeless adults. This picture does all of that. I found it at a great blog, Tom Wark's Fermintation blog. Some very interesting stuff and thought provoking on several levels. Isnt it odd that the sight of adults acting like children is so distasteful; and yet we all miss those days or wish we had the gonads to be that way.

Who says there arent aliens? Tin foil stops them from scanning and controlling our subconsciences. You would be amazed at how many people wear tinfoil.

tinfoil on heads


Monday, November 12, 2007

"If we could...."

IF we could:

If we could freeze TIME like we freeze water; what would we do with it? Would it become more polluted? Would it have so many more uses? Could we convert it into memories like water to vapors? Could we skate on it like a lake in winter? Maybe we could fish through it like Eskimo's for some burried commodity.... Perhaps we would shatter our futures like an ice cickle dropped on concrete floors. If one ice cube melts in a glass, does it make all the rest melt? Do chattering ice cubes know what they are saying to each other in a glass?