Tuesday, October 23, 2007

What We Miss....

I was reflecting earlier after reading a poem from the Pensive. One particular line stuck with me and had a glue effect to another blog concerning Stranger Than Fiction and a TV Series, Journey Man. The short of the long is centered around we as adults trying to tell children what's real. Isn't it unique that children can "see" things that we cannot. The simplicity of their lives allows them a lack of clutter that easily sees the invisible.

Things are only as sacred as we value them. Our children are sacred; but not to everyone. We easily, as adults, find it hard to comprehend those who harm the innocence of children. Again: things are only as sacred as we value them. The same is true with our faith. Anyway, in the ficticious characters of being ourselves, we think that the way we think is the right way to think. The beauty of children is that they believe what they are told with little or no suspicion. In the Journey Man; the mother/wife is on the edge because her husband (the Journey Man -- he falls back in time to complete/save/help random people; modern Quantum Leap - after Heroes) disappears without control, regardless of his well-intended promises and obligations. He's promised his young son that he will go to the baseball game with him. Of course the two adults agonize over trying to translate what they can hardly understand themselves to the son concerning the father's work schedule. True to fate, the son comes to ask to play catch and right before his eyes, his father vanishes with a twinkle. The father doesn't know he was seen. Note: when the boy sees the twinkle, he drops his baseball immediately in wow. When he returns, he's deeply apologetic for being "absent" so much lately. As only a child could do, he remarks, "its ok, Daddy. I know. I saw you. You're magic!" The son hugs him in his effort to console the father who is obviously speechless. The issue with we adults: we do doubt, we do suspect, we immediately hold onto our securities when presented with the miraculous. Immediately, its NO THANKS, I trust my personal failure more than your empty promises.

Stranger Than Fiction

"Little did he know," (an infamous line in Stranger Than Fiction, starring Will Ferrell inwhich he hears a narrator plotting to kill him off in a story) our stale lives are quite extraordinary; except for our own fingers in the pie. Its the "let go of the rail, you can fly syndrone." Well we COULD fly, BUT we'll NEVER let go. In our effort to preserve our lives; are we killing ourselves or our potiential? What if Superman was afraid of heights...would he leap tall buildings...ABSOLUTELY NOT! What we can do is extraordinary; what we won't do is equally extraordinary. There's no need to flip the coin if we can see fine from underneath it.

Dont you miss it? Of course I am assuming that you had a time of not suspecting, doubting or hurting. IF you made of list of 5 things you miss, would the why you dont have it take the rest of your life to resolve? Is never too late? Is trust too expensive? Who's writing our lives: our fears or our passions? Can pretending make us innocent again?


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Andrew Stanfield said...

Not choosing is a choice, and just as powerful.