Thursday, October 04, 2007

Versions of Visions...fractured water

From beneath the waves, I can see the other worlds above. Though they are slightly muted, I know they are there. It's quite easy to slip below the surfaces and even to go quite deep. Its amazing how clear the water still remains, or so it seems. I am sure there must be a bottom though I have never visited. Deep below in the darkness of the nothing; everything socializes in a divine unity. Perhaps my comprehension of "english" and its finess will not do its description justice...but who am I kidding...this conversation is between two entities: above and below. A ship always travels with an anchor. The anchor cannot get anywhere without the ship and ship must have the anchor to hold a position. That is the way it has always been. I have found very few anchors in my travels. They utimately rust or become dislodged.

Perhaps my best anchor, [Captain "H" ] is too far away and way too missed. I dont take on anchors lightly. Its a long tough journey and the monsters have not only many but very sharp teeth. Fair-weathers wont survive the trek. The Captain and I made a good crew. Unlike any other; the Captain knew how to steer the ship between the hidden rocks along the unseen barriers. He could teleport from past to present and back to the future to realign the ship if need be. Oh Captain, O Captain; where for art thou? I hope you are well. The ship sails beyond the horizon with far less anchors of less note. But it ultimately is always that way — he, surrounded by many, still alone in the silent nothing, vast as the horizon of days yet dawned and the future that has already been the past. Even as the pup becomes the wolf; you didnt consider your own worth; but stayed til the end. noteable. I do hope you are well. May the refraction of the sun be equally as stunning from the other side of the darkness. The sun needs the moon; the darkness, the light; the wind and the air are brothers.

In the quest for stunning imagery, I must give severe note to this exceptionally strange but fascinating blog: perhaps you will be Really nice content and imagery beyond most others.


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