Monday, October 08, 2007

Scared Together

Do you like to be scared? Do you like hearing your heartbeat in your throat? How about the sound of the blood going through your veins like a raging river? What about little noises in the dark, the tingles on the back of your neck or the dry throat from lack of moisture?....thats the trail of fear.

I used to like being scared more than I do now. This weekend I saw a movie that terrified my sweetie. It was good enuf that I decided we would watch it in the light tomorrow when "she" was more alert. One hour later, OUR hearts were still beating rapidly. We were only close to the beginning. One of the things that makes a movie scarier is if it could happen or reminded you of something everyday and of course, seeing it at night in the dark. The movie was Vacancy.
The plot....
Vacancy staring Kate Beckinsale and Luke Wilson is a film that has received mixed reactions from both the press and public since its release and after watching it this evening I can completely understand why.

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Amy and David Fox, a married (but soon to be divorced) couple on their way home from a long night of travelling decide to take a detour and lo and behold find themselves stranded in the middle of nowhere. As luck would have it of course, there is an old run down motel just down the road and the couple decide to spend the night. As you would expect from this type of film we soon learn that the motel owner has gone a bit ‘Norman Bates’ and whilst watching TV in their room they begin to realise that the scenes of torture and murder playing out on the screen in front of them have actually taken place inside the four walls of that very motel. They soon realise that escape is not going to be easy and a series of hidden doors and underground passages give the motel owner and his sicko friends the upper hand providing no end of hiding places in the ultimate game of cat and mouse.

Well, the movie was good. Its worth renting. If you know anything about small towns, you know how possible this movie is...and you will hesitate about getting lost the next time. But more fascinating is how under harsh circumstances, people with great differences find a way to unite in order to live. What was so important before is refocused to the things that dont cost money. It seems to always require blood, death or worse before people look beyond their petty differences. That would be odd if it wasnt so normal.


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