Friday, October 05, 2007

Internal Bruises

It's Friday and not a day too soon. It hasnt been a bad week; just a week. A phrase I heard this morning struck my odd today. It was "you dont look so beaten up by the world, or at least it doesnt show..." uttered early. It reminded me of many things; especially a blog from the past..."Scars". I suppose to some degree it was true on both counts...I had not been beaten up bad by life; at least it didnt show. Sure there have been disappointments along the way; but I still consider myself very "blessed," "well-off," "fortunate," or "lucky"....any number of adjectives — pick the one that suits you. At the same time, yeah, I had taken my blows; but I prefer to think of them as the diamonds in the carpet...not so evident; but gems discovered when stepped on or the light just happens to be at the right angle. I suppose I have always tried to keep my bruises hidden....besides, if noone knows where they are, the can't pick at them. [...there's a "max-ism"]...keep the weaknesses managed or at least invisible. But perhaps hiding our weaknesses is what keeps us weaker? However; if you ask Britney Spears or any number of celebs, I am certain they might disagree. On the other hand, what doesnt kill you makes you stronger...i.e. Martha Stewart. There are a lot of things to yak or debate about on this topic. What do you think? If you cannot read; but keep it secret, does it help? If you are being abused; but keep it secret, does it help? If you're a star, does your life belong on display for everyone else to display, ridicule and sneer at whenever they want? What heals faster: a cut without a bandaid exosed to fresh air or an internal cut per say in the mouth or inside? I think I prefer to show the scar; not the wound. Wounds take their own sweet time to heal; but once done — the mend is steel, stonger than before — an alloy of time, suffering and mending; stronger than the skin there before.....


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