Wednesday, October 31, 2007

It Wasn't Me!

ugly mask

Isn't it odd that more people feel at home in masks than their own face or identity. They tend to really be the people they always wanted. One might even say masks are like money; liberaters from concern of social critique. Tis not that the public opinion matters; just very little because I am less dependent on the limitations they could impose under these circumstances. What power do masks posess or are they simply liberators of a power already at work within us held captive by social norms? Its always funny to watch Cops or whatever and they all cry it wasn't me until the word "video" comes up. A hush falls like a once defiant chin.


Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Flipped Coins

As an infant, clothes are optional.
As adults, they are expected.
As senior citizens, they're optional again.


Friday, October 26, 2007

Final Thought of the Week or Weak

"In the mirror, we can see ourselves."
In the silence, we can hear ourselves.
Naked, everybody else does." ...maximusdoom


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

What We Miss....

I was reflecting earlier after reading a poem from the Pensive. One particular line stuck with me and had a glue effect to another blog concerning Stranger Than Fiction and a TV Series, Journey Man. The short of the long is centered around we as adults trying to tell children what's real. Isn't it unique that children can "see" things that we cannot. The simplicity of their lives allows them a lack of clutter that easily sees the invisible.

Things are only as sacred as we value them. Our children are sacred; but not to everyone. We easily, as adults, find it hard to comprehend those who harm the innocence of children. Again: things are only as sacred as we value them. The same is true with our faith. Anyway, in the ficticious characters of being ourselves, we think that the way we think is the right way to think. The beauty of children is that they believe what they are told with little or no suspicion. In the Journey Man; the mother/wife is on the edge because her husband (the Journey Man -- he falls back in time to complete/save/help random people; modern Quantum Leap - after Heroes) disappears without control, regardless of his well-intended promises and obligations. He's promised his young son that he will go to the baseball game with him. Of course the two adults agonize over trying to translate what they can hardly understand themselves to the son concerning the father's work schedule. True to fate, the son comes to ask to play catch and right before his eyes, his father vanishes with a twinkle. The father doesn't know he was seen. Note: when the boy sees the twinkle, he drops his baseball immediately in wow. When he returns, he's deeply apologetic for being "absent" so much lately. As only a child could do, he remarks, "its ok, Daddy. I know. I saw you. You're magic!" The son hugs him in his effort to console the father who is obviously speechless. The issue with we adults: we do doubt, we do suspect, we immediately hold onto our securities when presented with the miraculous. Immediately, its NO THANKS, I trust my personal failure more than your empty promises.

Stranger Than Fiction

"Little did he know," (an infamous line in Stranger Than Fiction, starring Will Ferrell inwhich he hears a narrator plotting to kill him off in a story) our stale lives are quite extraordinary; except for our own fingers in the pie. Its the "let go of the rail, you can fly syndrone." Well we COULD fly, BUT we'll NEVER let go. In our effort to preserve our lives; are we killing ourselves or our potiential? What if Superman was afraid of heights...would he leap tall buildings...ABSOLUTELY NOT! What we can do is extraordinary; what we won't do is equally extraordinary. There's no need to flip the coin if we can see fine from underneath it.

Dont you miss it? Of course I am assuming that you had a time of not suspecting, doubting or hurting. IF you made of list of 5 things you miss, would the why you dont have it take the rest of your life to resolve? Is never too late? Is trust too expensive? Who's writing our lives: our fears or our passions? Can pretending make us innocent again?


Friday, October 12, 2007

The Odd Normal: We're ALL Strange

Today I just have one observation. This observation comes from a week of watching lots of different types of people. It also comes from a night of being surrounded by loud, sweaty strangers standing for at least 3 hours.

STATEMENT: It's normal to be odd. Everybody's a little, if not lot, odd and that seems to just be normal. (Maybe I only attract odd people; hence am surrounded by oddness......hmmm; no, I dont think thats it.)


Monday, October 08, 2007

Scared Together

Do you like to be scared? Do you like hearing your heartbeat in your throat? How about the sound of the blood going through your veins like a raging river? What about little noises in the dark, the tingles on the back of your neck or the dry throat from lack of moisture?....thats the trail of fear.

I used to like being scared more than I do now. This weekend I saw a movie that terrified my sweetie. It was good enuf that I decided we would watch it in the light tomorrow when "she" was more alert. One hour later, OUR hearts were still beating rapidly. We were only close to the beginning. One of the things that makes a movie scarier is if it could happen or reminded you of something everyday and of course, seeing it at night in the dark. The movie was Vacancy.
The plot....
Vacancy staring Kate Beckinsale and Luke Wilson is a film that has received mixed reactions from both the press and public since its release and after watching it this evening I can completely understand why.

Click image to see the trailer...

Amy and David Fox, a married (but soon to be divorced) couple on their way home from a long night of travelling decide to take a detour and lo and behold find themselves stranded in the middle of nowhere. As luck would have it of course, there is an old run down motel just down the road and the couple decide to spend the night. As you would expect from this type of film we soon learn that the motel owner has gone a bit ‘Norman Bates’ and whilst watching TV in their room they begin to realise that the scenes of torture and murder playing out on the screen in front of them have actually taken place inside the four walls of that very motel. They soon realise that escape is not going to be easy and a series of hidden doors and underground passages give the motel owner and his sicko friends the upper hand providing no end of hiding places in the ultimate game of cat and mouse.

Well, the movie was good. Its worth renting. If you know anything about small towns, you know how possible this movie is...and you will hesitate about getting lost the next time. But more fascinating is how under harsh circumstances, people with great differences find a way to unite in order to live. What was so important before is refocused to the things that dont cost money. It seems to always require blood, death or worse before people look beyond their petty differences. That would be odd if it wasnt so normal.


Friday, October 05, 2007

Internal Bruises

It's Friday and not a day too soon. It hasnt been a bad week; just a week. A phrase I heard this morning struck my odd today. It was "you dont look so beaten up by the world, or at least it doesnt show..." uttered early. It reminded me of many things; especially a blog from the past..."Scars". I suppose to some degree it was true on both counts...I had not been beaten up bad by life; at least it didnt show. Sure there have been disappointments along the way; but I still consider myself very "blessed," "well-off," "fortunate," or "lucky"....any number of adjectives — pick the one that suits you. At the same time, yeah, I had taken my blows; but I prefer to think of them as the diamonds in the carpet...not so evident; but gems discovered when stepped on or the light just happens to be at the right angle. I suppose I have always tried to keep my bruises hidden....besides, if noone knows where they are, the can't pick at them. [...there's a "max-ism"]...keep the weaknesses managed or at least invisible. But perhaps hiding our weaknesses is what keeps us weaker? However; if you ask Britney Spears or any number of celebs, I am certain they might disagree. On the other hand, what doesnt kill you makes you stronger...i.e. Martha Stewart. There are a lot of things to yak or debate about on this topic. What do you think? If you cannot read; but keep it secret, does it help? If you are being abused; but keep it secret, does it help? If you're a star, does your life belong on display for everyone else to display, ridicule and sneer at whenever they want? What heals faster: a cut without a bandaid exosed to fresh air or an internal cut per say in the mouth or inside? I think I prefer to show the scar; not the wound. Wounds take their own sweet time to heal; but once done — the mend is steel, stonger than before — an alloy of time, suffering and mending; stronger than the skin there before.....


Thursday, October 04, 2007

Versions of Visions...fractured water

From beneath the waves, I can see the other worlds above. Though they are slightly muted, I know they are there. It's quite easy to slip below the surfaces and even to go quite deep. Its amazing how clear the water still remains, or so it seems. I am sure there must be a bottom though I have never visited. Deep below in the darkness of the nothing; everything socializes in a divine unity. Perhaps my comprehension of "english" and its finess will not do its description justice...but who am I kidding...this conversation is between two entities: above and below. A ship always travels with an anchor. The anchor cannot get anywhere without the ship and ship must have the anchor to hold a position. That is the way it has always been. I have found very few anchors in my travels. They utimately rust or become dislodged.

Perhaps my best anchor, [Captain "H" ] is too far away and way too missed. I dont take on anchors lightly. Its a long tough journey and the monsters have not only many but very sharp teeth. Fair-weathers wont survive the trek. The Captain and I made a good crew. Unlike any other; the Captain knew how to steer the ship between the hidden rocks along the unseen barriers. He could teleport from past to present and back to the future to realign the ship if need be. Oh Captain, O Captain; where for art thou? I hope you are well. The ship sails beyond the horizon with far less anchors of less note. But it ultimately is always that way — he, surrounded by many, still alone in the silent nothing, vast as the horizon of days yet dawned and the future that has already been the past. Even as the pup becomes the wolf; you didnt consider your own worth; but stayed til the end. noteable. I do hope you are well. May the refraction of the sun be equally as stunning from the other side of the darkness. The sun needs the moon; the darkness, the light; the wind and the air are brothers.

In the quest for stunning imagery, I must give severe note to this exceptionally strange but fascinating blog: perhaps you will be Really nice content and imagery beyond most others.