Friday, September 07, 2007

Somebody's Got To Be Second!

top dog

The "pensive one" and I had an interesting exchange of memories and comments regarding high school. I remember there always being "that guy" who was better at everything! That guy who you could never beat or outshine or even one up, the one who was your motivation and terror...."ole mr. everything," "mr. all that!" Everybody's got one; well at least I did/do. It's been around as long as Cain and Able — so long as humans have breathed. Even the old painting masters: Picasso, DaVinci, Michaelangelo, Titian, Carrivaggio, etc. had these figurative nemesis.

Ah yes, this all came about reflecting on the Colts/Manning and André Feder. Feder and Tiger Woods are reportedly friends. It's like all the pretty girls know/know of each other. The same is true of champions. The same is true in leaders of the world/countries. The same is true of principalities dark and light. Somebody's got to be second for someone to be number one! And some one MUST be #1! (somebody's gonna get upset....but I am quotin' like its wroten') Even God declares He is a jealous God and that noone is to be before him; none is greater, He is the beginning and the end....! Perhaps Ali was not the first wordsmith. If we are "little copies or creations of the original," will we not exemplify some of the same characteristics? Of course. It is no great accident that 5 top songs revolve around the status and power of being a Rockstar....

We seem to Need to be worshipped and TO worship. Does that make us humanistic or godlike? It is evident in every human to seek something, to create something, to DO something, to CHOOSE it no wonder that gods war too?


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