Thursday, September 27, 2007

Six Packs of Nothing...

"...even nothing costs something..."

Its more than just some corny line meant to send your mind in circles — its true. I often think of nothing: its weight, its presence, its dimensions, its essence and its silent power. Nothing can do quite a bit. Sometimes I have felt a love for nothing. It has a way of filling a space and keeping everything else out. I have used nothing just that way many times. It can be all-consuming; even harder to manage than something. Nothing is like warm crystal clear water poured into a spotless container and sat in the matter what, its still there. If it gets darker, colder or undisturbed — its still there. If it gets brighter, warmer or bumped — its stil there. It can hold its own. Nothing can be used to fill space. It has the ability to function like some vital organ pumping a sympathetic chaos through your constricting veins, melting every obstacle with comfortable tickles. Before you disturb someone's nothing; make sure its not something very important already. Nothing really matters!


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