Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Laughing is a serious matter!

I had a great weekend with family, neighbors and friends. ONE thing really stuck out. After a Labor Day cookout social, we retired to play with a recently purchased Wii game. My neighbors who are beyond their 50s played with us. Aside from listening to each other tell Dave Chappelle stories and recants of personal similar incidents. Without doubt, it was a group of severely mixed backgrounds, ages and ethnicities, laughter erased all the lines. Tears streamed from funny stories. It was really good to see everyone really laughing hard and mingling with familiar ease. Once the bowling, golfing, tennis and baseball Wii started, there was no bottom to the depths of wholesome laughter. Once the "virtual" sport concept took over, Katey bar the door. Its kinda like watching a scarey movie without the sound or imagine CSI without any music or your grandparents dancing without any music....am I getting warm yet? It was all good. There's nothing funny about a life without laughter. A day without real laughter is no joke. Ironicly, some of our most embarrassing moments become the greatest fuel for laughter later; why not start laughing now and save yourself some tears. Laughing is really important and you're really too old to be embarrassed any more.


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