Thursday, September 27, 2007

Six Packs of Nothing...

"...even nothing costs something..."

Its more than just some corny line meant to send your mind in circles — its true. I often think of nothing: its weight, its presence, its dimensions, its essence and its silent power. Nothing can do quite a bit. Sometimes I have felt a love for nothing. It has a way of filling a space and keeping everything else out. I have used nothing just that way many times. It can be all-consuming; even harder to manage than something. Nothing is like warm crystal clear water poured into a spotless container and sat in the matter what, its still there. If it gets darker, colder or undisturbed — its still there. If it gets brighter, warmer or bumped — its stil there. It can hold its own. Nothing can be used to fill space. It has the ability to function like some vital organ pumping a sympathetic chaos through your constricting veins, melting every obstacle with comfortable tickles. Before you disturb someone's nothing; make sure its not something very important already. Nothing really matters!


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Death in the Wind

fizz fizz

IT is the Beauty and Ugly of TIME that ties me to the beginning and the end of me. How marvelously mysterious it is to be born to die. Isnt it fascinating like an Alkeseltser being dropped into the liquid of infinity...the bowl remains, the Alkeseltzer dissolves; not completely "gone" but far less "distinguishable" from the whole or the others in the pack.

Sometimes the "ugly" is the beauty for me. Will I miss people...maybe. I have always responded with "but I have a really good memory." Over time, I have skipped some funerals simply because I chose to remember them as they were---full of life. Sometimes it just created more questions than necessary. The bird in the bush is better left to rest. I remember the first time I "touched" a passed person...hmmm, interesting I thought, cold to the touch, like a cool refrigerator in a wind-leaked house. It was obvious that something that was there before is not anymore. How bizarre. It all looks the same; but something is missing...the "energy factor." That invisible something that the visible cannot deny; recognizes when its absent but cannot see it when present.

I am reminded of several poems about the wind that remind me of the spark of life:
Have you seen the wind?
Did it just pass by?
I can't see it,
In the cloudless sky.

But my hat blew away,
And I saw the trees sway,
So this must be
a windy day.
© by leslie tryon

Voices in the Wind
  Words from within,
only voices in the wind.
Echos in your ear, are
only voices in the wind.
Telling you my thoughts
only voices in the wind.
Poetry wrote for you,
only voices in the wind.
Memories fade away, like
voices in the wind.
Telling you how I feel,
only voices in the wind.
When I die, so will
the voices in the wind.

james foulk

The wind is without there and howls in the trees

THE wind is without there and howls in the trees,
And the rain-flurries drum on the glass:
Alone by the fireside with elbows on knees
I can number the hours as they pass.
Yet now, when to cheer me the crickets begin,
And my pipe is just happily lit,
Believe me, my friend, tho' the evening draws in,
That not all uncontested I sit.

Alone, did I say? O no, nowise alone
With the Past sitting warm on my knee,
To gossip of days that are over and gone,
But still charming to her and to me.
With much to be glad of and much to deplore,
Yet, as these days with those we compare,
Believe me, my friend, tho' the sorrows seem more
They are somehow more easy to bear.

And thou, faded Future, uncertain and frail,
As I cherish thy light in each draught,
His lamp is not more to the miner - their sail
Is not more to the crew on the raft.
For Hope can make feeble ones earnest and brave,
And, as forth thro' the years I look on,
Believe me, my friend, between this and the grave,
I see wonderful things to be done.

To do or to try; and, believe me, my friend,
If the call should come early for me,
I can leave these foundations uprooted, and tend
For some new city over the sea.
To do or to try; and if failure be mine,
And if Fortune go cross to my plan,
Believe me, my friend, tho' I mourn the design
I shall never lament for the man.

Robert Louis Stevenson

more poems of the wind.

Such is the mystery of life wrapped in the paper of death. The bow of eternity flows in the winds of eternity...

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A Spider This Way Was


Spiders like events spin emotions are like cobwebs.
Pronunciation: \?käb-?web\
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English coppeweb, from coppe spider (from Old English a¯torcoppe) + web; akin to Middle Dutch coppe spider
Date: 14th century

1 a: the network spread by a spider : spiderweb b: tangles of the silken threads of a spiderweb usually covered with accumulated dirt and dust
2: something that entangles, obscures, or confuses (a cobweb of law and politics)
— cob·webbed \-?webd\ adjective

They stick to the inside of the skull awaiting the casual passerby to be ensnared; even the self-wanderer. These mysterious forms once invisible made visible by time and dust that illuminates their sagging limbs and illustrates their gaping embraces. I like cobwebs. They are evidence of something this way once came. That is the plus and minus of emotions/memories. Who has seen the wind unless it has picked up passengers? Such is the way of many great mysteries and things wishing to be as such. This blog has a particular purpose/message to each reader as individual as fingerprints. That's the beauty of personal experience. When we are alone in the dark; do the cobwebs not spark our fears and our longings? Will they not at last embrace us again more faintly than when they were invisible? In the moment, everything is consumed by the focus of such time. A cobweb has the ability to do just ensnares and startles all who happen upon it like cold water thrown on a sleeping child. Emotions, cobwebs, spiders — all craftsmen of noteable statue.

Prepare for the devourer....


Monday, September 17, 2007

Whose Plate Are We On?

We as humans always want to believe that we are the TOP of the food chain.
Hmmm...isn't it interesting that some creatures feast on dust...
Aren't we dust?
Do we war not against flesh and blood; but principalities?

Ephesians 6:12
For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Do our freedoms not enslave us?


Friday, September 14, 2007

The Skill of Saying Nothing...

secret agent man

I was recently working out at my gym and met this very interesting person. Since he appeared to be in excellent shape, I thought I might trouble him for some tips. Needless to say, people are always willing to talk about themselves....but not this guy! So I volunteered some information about myself and boldly ask, "what do you do?" The startlingly polite and discrete reply was extremely and skillfully empty. So I volunteered some more information....give and get, right?

We continued to banter for the remaining time inwhich he gave good tips, watched my form and idlly chatted about how important foundational issues were as opposed to how much weight. He had the swagger of military/former military. I hadn't encountered someone so ept at evading information in years. By the end of our time, we had had delightful conversation and I had learned a new exercise. I thanked him and retorted that it had been my pleasure. Isn't it the lack of things that make some more interesting? Perhaps most times, we are better off not knowing — but we can't help but still ask the same unanswered questions over and over.... How oddly normal.



Friday, September 07, 2007

Somebody's Got To Be Second!

top dog

The "pensive one" and I had an interesting exchange of memories and comments regarding high school. I remember there always being "that guy" who was better at everything! That guy who you could never beat or outshine or even one up, the one who was your motivation and terror...."ole mr. everything," "mr. all that!" Everybody's got one; well at least I did/do. It's been around as long as Cain and Able — so long as humans have breathed. Even the old painting masters: Picasso, DaVinci, Michaelangelo, Titian, Carrivaggio, etc. had these figurative nemesis.

Ah yes, this all came about reflecting on the Colts/Manning and André Feder. Feder and Tiger Woods are reportedly friends. It's like all the pretty girls know/know of each other. The same is true of champions. The same is true in leaders of the world/countries. The same is true of principalities dark and light. Somebody's got to be second for someone to be number one! And some one MUST be #1! (somebody's gonna get upset....but I am quotin' like its wroten') Even God declares He is a jealous God and that noone is to be before him; none is greater, He is the beginning and the end....! Perhaps Ali was not the first wordsmith. If we are "little copies or creations of the original," will we not exemplify some of the same characteristics? Of course. It is no great accident that 5 top songs revolve around the status and power of being a Rockstar....

We seem to Need to be worshipped and TO worship. Does that make us humanistic or godlike? It is evident in every human to seek something, to create something, to DO something, to CHOOSE it no wonder that gods war too?


Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Laughing is a serious matter!

I had a great weekend with family, neighbors and friends. ONE thing really stuck out. After a Labor Day cookout social, we retired to play with a recently purchased Wii game. My neighbors who are beyond their 50s played with us. Aside from listening to each other tell Dave Chappelle stories and recants of personal similar incidents. Without doubt, it was a group of severely mixed backgrounds, ages and ethnicities, laughter erased all the lines. Tears streamed from funny stories. It was really good to see everyone really laughing hard and mingling with familiar ease. Once the bowling, golfing, tennis and baseball Wii started, there was no bottom to the depths of wholesome laughter. Once the "virtual" sport concept took over, Katey bar the door. Its kinda like watching a scarey movie without the sound or imagine CSI without any music or your grandparents dancing without any I getting warm yet? It was all good. There's nothing funny about a life without laughter. A day without real laughter is no joke. Ironicly, some of our most embarrassing moments become the greatest fuel for laughter later; why not start laughing now and save yourself some tears. Laughing is really important and you're really too old to be embarrassed any more.