Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Hmmm...No, Don't Go This Way!

I wish I could say it was funny; but often it isn't. People rarely listen to good advice or you get branded as a "negative nellie." It is ironic or moronic that people in full view of your statistical track record for being right still ignore/discount your concerns. In fact, they always seem surprised when they discover the uh-ohs! Lord knows, by then, this ole country boy aint got no tears or empathy. At times, I have been known to chuckle.

No, I am not saying I have never made mistakes..."Lord knows." But I do try to NOT make the same one twice and certainly not repeatedly. Have you know someone who must be "practicing" stupid. I mean really! Einstein said, "insanity is doing the same things and expecting a differnt result. I think I agree with that one. Truth be told, I have no more sympathy for myself when I make these kind of errors in judgement.

This blog doesn't actually refer to any one person inspite of several coming to mind as soon as I say this (and they know who they are). I have been under heavy deadlines for almost a month. So far, each instance is because somebody didnt care enuf to do it right in the first place or on time. At the last minute obviously, EVERYTHING matters now! HoooAH!!! Ya think? Its all good. I have gotten much better at handling these types of situations. Se La Vie!

What's odd about it all is how we are often pissed about things done to us that we routinely do to others. I cant count the times that I listen to folks going off about somebody else. I also can't count the times I have responded with "you don't say....that sounds familiar..." [retorted with a sinister smile]. Isn't it odd that that is sooooo normal.

My pensive co-worked asked if I was going to blog about today's escapades. I responded by saying that I wasn't much into b'ing and ranting, I will survive anyway. I can't be stopped! So I choose a global viewpoint for various principles that govern efficiency. But that is my normal globally it them or is it really just me, and how can I ensure that I don't become guilty of the same.


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