Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Apes of Wrath

mad monkey

We, as people, go to great lengths to be mysterious or something other than what we are or thought to be or at least, better than the next/other person. Let's face it; most of us LOVE ourselves. However, two of the most popular songs are Party Like A Rockstar and I Wanna Be A Rockstar. Is this a contradiction? Who are we? Once upon a time, our heroes were Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Martin Luther Kind, malcolm X, George Washington Carver, Fredrick Douglas, PLato, John F. Kennedy, Patrick Henry, etc.... They never "seemed" to be that "self concerned;" just more focused on teh whole/betterment of society. I remember a time that NOBODY would admit to being a pornstar or a pimp; but now we put it on billboards...hmmmm. Once upon a time, kids came home with a blackeye; but at least alive. Nobody got shot.

Even the greeks idealized the human. Take for instance the tale of Narcissus. Narcissus was not capable of loving anyone and had been cruel to his would-be lovers, mostly male. He considered Echo a nuisance, particularly since she had what he must have thought, a weird habit of repeating what he said. He turned coldly away from her each time she came near. Echo pined away until finally she disappeared altogether; only her voice remained. At the same time she was pining away, so was Narcissus, since one of his rejected lovers had prayed to Nemesis to punish the self-centered youth. Nemesis caused him to fall in love with the reflection in a pool, and thereafter he could not bear to leave teh beautiful youth starign up at him from the depths. In this way, he, like Echo, disappeared; in his accustomed place by the pool, a flower grew that was named for him.

So when we hate others; is it really the reflection of ourselves we dislike? Is it the realiztion that I am no better than they are? Is it the haunting fact that everybody dies? Do we despise that something greater made us not as great? Maybe its just "why not me?" Perhaps humanity is a disease that only mortality can cure.... Perhaps we have been a great "A.I. Experiment" (artificial intelligence) of biblical proportions...just perhaps..... Just perhaps we will always be Apes of Wrath...


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