Thursday, August 30, 2007

Oh Glorious Terrible Realities!

Another foggy morning; such a sight not seen in a very long time here in the Music City. I always find it entertaining when people do things that make you go "duhhhh." For instance, why would you get in the left lane going 20 mph and have the nerve to be angry at people riding your bumper to get over. Why would you pull out all your money from your purse in public and be surprised that somebody robbed you. They say advertising sells! Why wouldn't a thief break into your car since your purse and its contents are clearly displayed? Why would you leave the house in something with almost nothing to it and they act offended because somebody looked? I guess these are just the kind of things that make life/people pretty hard to understand. Why would someone die for me that didn't have to? I don't think I would pay for somebody else's problems/junk; especially if they deserved it. Why would someone much greater do so much for one such less?

jesus welcoming

It reminds me of the alien sitings.....why would they choose the stupidest people to reveal themselves to? Why do more miracles happen in third world countries? Do demons gain power from our unbelief? What about vampires, giants, fairies and the like? Are they some celestial downcast or diviant or human hybrid? Hey, sometimes you just gotta wonder. The odd thing is that in an "intelligent" society, it is the question askers who become the heritics and stoned. We are free to "think like everybody else," and nothing more!

deomon on film

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


How does it all get started? How does something "sacred" cause so many wars and discriminations?
How do you limit love and segregate worship? How can everybody be the same; but not them? Only who is going where?
You did not say "it" before "he"'re gonna burn. Too bad if you didn't get baptised.... Where does truth separate from tradition?


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Apes of Wrath

mad monkey

We, as people, go to great lengths to be mysterious or something other than what we are or thought to be or at least, better than the next/other person. Let's face it; most of us LOVE ourselves. However, two of the most popular songs are Party Like A Rockstar and I Wanna Be A Rockstar. Is this a contradiction? Who are we? Once upon a time, our heroes were Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Martin Luther Kind, malcolm X, George Washington Carver, Fredrick Douglas, PLato, John F. Kennedy, Patrick Henry, etc.... They never "seemed" to be that "self concerned;" just more focused on teh whole/betterment of society. I remember a time that NOBODY would admit to being a pornstar or a pimp; but now we put it on billboards...hmmmm. Once upon a time, kids came home with a blackeye; but at least alive. Nobody got shot.

Even the greeks idealized the human. Take for instance the tale of Narcissus. Narcissus was not capable of loving anyone and had been cruel to his would-be lovers, mostly male. He considered Echo a nuisance, particularly since she had what he must have thought, a weird habit of repeating what he said. He turned coldly away from her each time she came near. Echo pined away until finally she disappeared altogether; only her voice remained. At the same time she was pining away, so was Narcissus, since one of his rejected lovers had prayed to Nemesis to punish the self-centered youth. Nemesis caused him to fall in love with the reflection in a pool, and thereafter he could not bear to leave teh beautiful youth starign up at him from the depths. In this way, he, like Echo, disappeared; in his accustomed place by the pool, a flower grew that was named for him.

So when we hate others; is it really the reflection of ourselves we dislike? Is it the realiztion that I am no better than they are? Is it the haunting fact that everybody dies? Do we despise that something greater made us not as great? Maybe its just "why not me?" Perhaps humanity is a disease that only mortality can cure.... Perhaps we have been a great "A.I. Experiment" (artificial intelligence) of biblical proportions...just perhaps..... Just perhaps we will always be Apes of Wrath...


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Major of Minor Things!

I gotta be me. I am a revolutionary!

How is it that the little things tend to be the ones that really do us in. Isn't it the slightest little thing like open cabnet doors, capless toothpaste, dirty catsup nozzles, dingy whites, human noises, ice crunchers, soup slurpers, hummers, gum poppers and general other junk that tends to ignite the dynamite.

Ok...I am an anal retentive. I complete all single similar functions then go to the next. Sock, sock, shoe shoe. I know that makes sense now that you've read it. Do you? Or are you a sock shoe, sock shoe? The Pensive and I have many fascinating converstations on many different subjects and levels. This one was no less. In theory, it should be EASY to over look minor, little, petty things — wouldnt you think? Well thinkin' aint doin' and if it was ever as easy as sayin,' folks would do a lot less prayin'!

So back to the major of minor things. Is it really the thing we hate so much or is it that it might remind us of ourselves? [stay with my ramblings for just a moment more] But, I say to myself, I don't pop gum because its so irritating to me — so maybe its someone else's lack of consideration of ME! Does that make me selfish? So I go to someones home and throw my dirty feet on their furniture. But I wouldnt do that; why isnt it ok if they do? Is that being selfish? Maybe its the same as piped in doesnt matter if its music you like — its piped in; you HAVE to listen to it. Is that the crux of this pontificating ramble? Is everything really about ourselves? Is it all a great circus to belabor our own greatness in contrast to someone else...kinda one of those "hold still so I can stand on your head kinda things because it makes ME feel good." Isnt there too much credence given to "feeling good." What happened to the generations of great sufferers/sacrificers for those coming later?

One might argue that the well-meaning parental philosophy of making sure my kids have it better than I did has come back to bite us in the buttocks. NOT only is there a lack of appreciation; but work ethic, thankfulness, ownership, patience, responsibility and moral conscienceness. In fact, hands out before stepping forward — is that our destined legacy.
Ralph Waldo Emerson notes:
But worse than the harping on one string, Nature has secured individualism, by giving the private person a high conceit of his weight in the system. The pest of society is egotists. There are dull and bright, sacred and profane, coarse and fine egotists. 'Tis a disease that, like influenza, falls on all constitutions. In the distemper known to physicians as chorea, the patient sometimes turns round, and continues to spin slowly on one spot. Is egotism a metaphysical varioloid of this malady? The man runs round a ring formed by his own talent, falls into an admiration of it, and loses relation to the world. It is a tendency in all minds. One of its annoying forms, is a craving for sympathy. The sufferers parade their miseries, tear the lint from their bruises, reveal their indictable crimes, that you may pity them. They like sickness, because physical pain will extort some show of interest from the bystanders, as we have seen children, who, finding themselves of no account when grown people come in, will cough till they choke, to draw attention. ...more

It's all about me and whatever makes me feel good; so what if you dont like it. I heard part of an arguement after schools in middle TN decided upon a certain dress code. Ironicly, a parent got on TV an complained that their dear child was being robbed of his indivuality. Then homeschool! You dont own the school, it belongs to someone bigger than you. Maybe you havent noticed; but kids are dying over brand name shoes/clothes. Perhaps it not a question of the "have's" and "have nots" but one of what is the focus of school. It certainly isnt fashion. The legacy we havc fed will soon turn to feast on our rotting aged defenseless bones; all the while, being broadcast on youtube for mere entertainment's sake. But we will all nod and agree; we certainly dont want to be labeled. Shhhhh....its harmless kid fun. It's not a MAJOR problem that the boys can't read anything but the cup sizes on little suzy in math class. It's ok that she dresses like that, someday she will be a star! She's gotta get her foot in the door young. He likes his hair in his face, it matches his ear rings. If he pulled up his pants he would be like everyone else......blah blah blah blah.....


Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Hmmm...No, Don't Go This Way!

I wish I could say it was funny; but often it isn't. People rarely listen to good advice or you get branded as a "negative nellie." It is ironic or moronic that people in full view of your statistical track record for being right still ignore/discount your concerns. In fact, they always seem surprised when they discover the uh-ohs! Lord knows, by then, this ole country boy aint got no tears or empathy. At times, I have been known to chuckle.

No, I am not saying I have never made mistakes..."Lord knows." But I do try to NOT make the same one twice and certainly not repeatedly. Have you know someone who must be "practicing" stupid. I mean really! Einstein said, "insanity is doing the same things and expecting a differnt result. I think I agree with that one. Truth be told, I have no more sympathy for myself when I make these kind of errors in judgement.

This blog doesn't actually refer to any one person inspite of several coming to mind as soon as I say this (and they know who they are). I have been under heavy deadlines for almost a month. So far, each instance is because somebody didnt care enuf to do it right in the first place or on time. At the last minute obviously, EVERYTHING matters now! HoooAH!!! Ya think? Its all good. I have gotten much better at handling these types of situations. Se La Vie!

What's odd about it all is how we are often pissed about things done to us that we routinely do to others. I cant count the times that I listen to folks going off about somebody else. I also can't count the times I have responded with "you don't say....that sounds familiar..." [retorted with a sinister smile]. Isn't it odd that that is sooooo normal.

My pensive co-worked asked if I was going to blog about today's escapades. I responded by saying that I wasn't much into b'ing and ranting, I will survive anyway. I can't be stopped! So I choose a global viewpoint for various principles that govern efficiency. But that is my normal globally it them or is it really just me, and how can I ensure that I don't become guilty of the same.