Friday, July 27, 2007

The Long Return

DATELINE confrontation

I just came here to git ur dun; not be undone!

Well it's been some time since I related my normal oddness that perpetuates the continued normalcy of the daily odd. Hence; I climb back on this trusty steed to ride into the saturation of our odd ways. I apologize for my absence and for your longing delay of gratification from "the odd normal."

Isn't it normal to enjoy good things? Isn't it equally normal to enjoy bad things? I was watching "DATELINE NBC: To Catch a Preditor" and this time they were in FL I think at some beachhouse in a wealthy part of town. Funny — they had the same result or more — predators coming out of the woodwork. They say its become an epedimic. I was really struck by one story where this young guy complains that now he will be branded/labeled as a 'loser.' think?

Isn't it "normal" for us to "assume" that these sort of stories only happen in the poor, dirty places of the world. God forbid, that might ever happen in "so-and-so's" neighborhood. Here in "Sunnyville," we're all well educated, financially stable, successful happy people. Isn't that the same thing they said about drugs? Only "those" people would do that; not us...... You may begin to see a pattern word keeps popping up. No, not those; the word I am referring to is "people." Even at our best, our worst is always present. Without the light; there would be no darkness. Isn't it ironic that the folks caught on these types of shows always respond not with "poor child" but with "this isn't gonna be on TV, is it?" I confess, I enjoy watching the moment, the instant they are informed that this is Chris Hansen of DATELINE and hands begin to tremble and facial contortions begin. Of course, they were never REALLY going to do anything. YES, these are my condoms, wine, strawberries, chat conversations and 2 hour drives. Uhh...oh my, I am sitting naked in somebody's house I dont even know: but I was on my way to the shower when you showed up. We love a trainwreck; don't we?...we "people." We people make good TV. If nobody was watching Jerry Springer; it wouldn't be on. We LOVE a trainwreck.

YES, most of us know what's basicly wrong or right. For the most part, that has never been enuf. We love pleasure and we will do whatever to avoid pain. In the same breath, we will opt for pleasure NOW; and deal with the consequences LATER. Hence; a country of credit card debtors. The justifications come as: (1) "I'll pay for that later; but ONLY if I get caught. Now is my time to just feel good." (2) Oh that will never happen to me (3) That's just them, I'm different (4) I do a lot for everybody else and I am good all the time. I deserve this. (5) ...and many more.

In the end: we judge these "other people" on what they did or were caught doing. Unfortunately, in front of the camera, our story changes to: "Judge me on what I meant to do." The "devil" made me do it. It's the media's fault. Who needs these kind of shows like DATELINE?


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