Monday, June 04, 2007

Spiderman III: The Venom of Masks

I love masks and how they allow one to conceal their identity. But is that really true. I tend to believe masks allow one to reveal their identity. Isn't it odd that once annonimity is introduced, we as people tend to throw off restraint. For instance, the internet and child predators. If you have seen Primetime: To Catch A Predator, you soon realize that these sleazes aren't who you were expecting. In fact, you might say they are exactly opposite of what you hoped. Then are typically well dressed, well educated, well respected men. The range is broad: from family man to clergy to military and even educators. The reason: the internet is "perceived" as a mask. Nobody knows who or where I am; now I can be "myself." Things that hide in dank darkness usually are pretty gross in the light...."ourselves" are no different.

Anyway, back to Spidey! Once overtaken by vengence and empowered by his additional mask, the black goo from outerspace, we see an ever-present duality of humanity surface. Yes, even heroes are human....[side note; heroes: he-roes, He Rose! Hmmmm...isnt that interesting; but thats another blog too] Actually, when I think back, eveything was much simplier before hormones or sex. Once these Spiderman come into play, a whole different evolution is at work. Suddenly posessiveness, jealousy, rage, hate, anger, fear, deception, etc...all come into power. Everything is "personal" all of a sudden. [don't shake your head; you know exactly what I am talking about] It's ruined friendships, marriages, environments, and even families. We see a Peter Parker aware of his nerdom; but finally willing to be "cool" just for "his" sake. I am special and I deserve it. You would be "lucky" to be me or with me....[oh shutup, you know some of these people already; present company excluded.] We also see someone tired of taking the high road, willing to lash out and trade an eye for a tooth. He returns to the jazz bar to serve ice cold revenge for his hurt feelings by MJ. Great scene. I was practically salivating from the energy exchange. Isn't it odd that we are willing to hurt those we love in the deepest of ways because we can and we know exactly how. Hmmmm...[sad and tragic...but still true; alas humanity.]

Then comes the wisdom of Aunt Mae so well played. Peter says that he thought she would be happy that the murderer of her husband was killed. She wasn't. Her loss didn't give her that right; nor would Uncle Ben have wanted that kind of happiness. The other more disturbing revelation is the power or deception of perception. We judge others by what they do; we judge ourselves by what we "intended." Haunting, isn't it. Turns out that the killing was an accident. Turns out that everything wasn't as it was perceived. Turns out that either way, our actions still bear consequences, forgiven or not. An eye for an eye will eventually devour the entire body.

I give pause here for just the sure beauty of the power from the black suit symbiot, the cut and dry decision and direction, no hesitation point blank focus. I don't know that I would have given up that kind of power. I don't know that I would have stayed on a cross with that kind of power (heroes). I don't know that I would forgive so many undeserving (He Rose!). But I will say this; only someone who has fed well on steak could convince me to become vegan [I know I didnt lose you with that analagy]. Peter tries to convince the newly encompassed photographer to get rid of the suit, it would destroy him — the vengence is not good, it's poison. The same for his best friend Harry Osborne. Just because we can, should we?

Guess I could go on forever about the finer parts of this movie in its revelation of human nature and its counterparts; but I won't. I will say, it's gotta be pretty awesome to be Stan Lee, to have created something and lived to see it actually come to life in a very powerful way through technology/digital media. I can't image. 3D comics in 4D! It's a good movie; probably not great, rich with good lessons and revelations. It's definitely the worm in the bottle. In the end, good still triumphs over evil, love conquers all and yes, there will probably be a sequel.


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