Monday, May 21, 2007

Big Brother Is Mean To Us....!

illegal aliens

I am the oldest of six....nothing can change that. Everything after me is in comparison or contrast...thats also not likely to change. Was I perfect, no....that's probably gonna stay true too. In the end, we are all family: likes, dislikes, choices and differences; I love them all. Sometimes I am even amazed they still talk to me. I wasn't always kind or good. One thing the ole man always made clear: "Under my roof, under my rules." He NEVER budged on that and made NO excuses or exceptions. Sometimes it seemed harsh; but now it ALWAYS seems wise. Boy was I lucky. Speaking of "under the roof..."

I love this country. I repect those who have lived and died for its priviledges; but "big brother" wants to make concessions and give away freely what had dire costs. It is clear now that Old Glory will truely end up red, white and BLUE; blue (sad) trying to remember how it all went wrong. We so easily forget our troops, their families, past sacrifices, our own laws that extend "our" freedoms to others by what processes and last, but certainly not least, the ONLY God this country was founded UNDER. Sure there are many and even others (gods); but none of them are before Him. We said that back at the beginning after He said it. We have become so preoccupied with erasing the lines in the sand that defined our identity that the coming waves will wash us into the oceans of time like loose sand castles as if we never were. We all have "opportunities;" not to be confused with "rights" to "american freedoms...i.e. freedoms america defines as freedoms, which precludes that you are american — which is not limited to any size, shape, religion, ethinic origin or color. If you want to be a Boy Scout; you gotta know the salute and qualify by the rules. With that said, I refer you to a great blog from my friend Joel.

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