Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Power Within Above

This morning I awakened very late. After the mad scramble to be where I was supposed to be by the time I was committed to appear and perform; I sit and write these words. Along the bustle of the morning commute, it struck me in the presence of my loss and need — give thanks. Yes all the sadnesses and loss were not good; but they could be so much worse. I could have been at Virginia Tech or been a young asian kid just thinking the wrong things and acting on them. My prayers are certainly with all the victims, their families and friends; but let's not forget that the parents and friends of him who has taken so much from so many. They certainly are or will be the victims of someone's scrutiny.

As for my own loss, I was reminded while looking at the casual bird drift on the morning air, by the pink blossoms swaying to the ochestra of the universe, by the millions of things I witnessed consciencely and unconsciencely.......give thanks. Give thanks, always stay in an attitude of thankfulness.

Dear God,
Thank you for the opportunity to watch over and guard such a wonderful pet and spirit. Thank you for the extended time that I am sure I had with her through your abiding grace. Thank you for a little life that touched so many. Thank you for the remaining lives we love, affect, effect and bless daily. Father; bless those personally suffering from the tradgedy in Virginia. Enable their families a spirit of healing and peace through this ordeal. We pray something good from the darkness. We pray thanks for the lives spared and restoration to those lost and grieving. May your will be to reconcile our hearts to your purpose and our minds to your understanding. Let us help our neighbors not only in their times of need and sorrow; but the days after. Our creator is always worthy of praise. I humbly recognize your hand in all things above and below and beyond my understanding. Thank you for all your graces, gifts and trials; but most of all for your unfailing love. Amen.

It is odd that we see the dark clouds in the sky and we think "it's going to rain." We see the winter snow fade, we think "spring is coming." We watch reruns of I Love Lucy or Andy Griffith because we "know" what comes next. How did/do we ignore the signs in our lives and those of our children or even this generation when deep down, we "know" what comes next? We know when the seasons change, we know what actions equal what results, we know when something is just "wrong" or about to "change;" but we easily ignore or dismiss tradgedy awaiting at our doorsteps. Hmmm....
We are all sometimes horribly broken.


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