Friday, April 13, 2007

IMUS Be Kidding!

Well there has been an 's-storm' stirred up by the remarks of Radio jock Don Imus' comments last week about the Rutgers women's basketball team were less than amiable. Who can argue that one?....or can we? I have typically noticed and said to younger sibblings growing up that "if you don't think much of yourself or what you have; then everybody else won't either." Oh you scoff at that remark. Hmm...isn't it odd that our own "mega rap stars" do the same or worse as far as our women are concerned, not to mention the statistics of deserted families and broken homes, drug usage and etc. Isn't it odd that 'gettin' money or die tryin' mentality is ok including black on black crimes or destruction of one's own neighborhoods. Isn't it odd that we all just want to be "pimps" and "hoes" so long as we get paid or can be in a video or my ever-popular favorite, "that's just how we roll." When will we not be afraid to "roll different;" (and obviously people do; but it seems that the "well noted in the news and in Forbes and various other spotlights" are a dying breed). Yeah, its good to see people doing better....I just wonder what's in the small print. What is the real interest rate? Are our families, homes, mothers, sisters and grandmothers grandchildren in hock over the pursuit of bling bling? I certainly am not saying we should ignore Don Imus. Much like noteable athleticly gifted questionable Titan of current can only be in the wrong place once or twice; after that, folks aren't so willing to look the other way. Sooner or later, it is YOU in the video. Another interesting blog on this subject that I ran across: realpeeplz: Yall gone Actually Make me Defend Don Imus makes some good points. A FOX news story here Congratulations to the fine athletes of the Rutgers women's basketball team. You've come a long way baby and now your famous too! Hmmm....would you rather be famous or victorious? What determines "victorious"? You're winners in my lazy people make it to the finals; only champions.


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