Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I Am For Me; Aren't We?

my dark reflection

Aren't we, well I will speak for me, aren't I selfish? Take the fear of flying, for instance. I would not be afraid if you were flying somewhere. If I had a fear of flying or whatever; it really doesn't matter until it is in direct relation to "me." If "I" were flying; then I might have a "fear" of flying; not because the plane might crash; but because "I" would be "on" that plane and would suffer. In fact, many times, and old friends can verify, I have often said or remarked at good news or bad, "better you than me..." Am I alone in this guilt (even worse; no guilt, just admission)? I am just dumb enough to admit it outloud. What are you afraid of? Is it really about "it" or about "you?" Our own worst enemies are ourselves. The psychoseduction is that it's really "them" or "that" we fear; but I believe that problem is much closer to home....it's "me."

I am looking forward to the new Spiderman movie for a lot of reasons. I can only imagine how great it would be to have created something like that and live long enuf (shorter) for technology to get to a point that it can really bring it to life! Wow! Way to go, Stan Lee! Comics are BIG MONEY now; no longer relegated to "ole funny books," as my grandma used to say. What happens to us when we get out of balance or have a license to be unaccountable? Would you change if you were suddenly famous or won the lottery? Everybody says, "no;" but statistics suggest otherwise. If you were suddenly "spectacular" would it all be for just you? Would a sense of "the greater good" takeover?

Isn't it odd that most of us WANT the same things; but pretend that we don't or say we are better than we really are? Does this statement offend you? How difficult is it to confuse "oh" with "ouch?"


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