Monday, April 16, 2007

The Animal Within

caged baboons

I find this picture particularly interesting because it could mean so many things. Which one is behind the glass/cage? Does our perception of reality render us the same way; the truth trapped behind the lies, perception vs facts, reality vs tradition.... It even embodies the similarities among us all; yet our different ethnicities sometimes trap us in different worlds; or even our demographics etc make us unreachable by others without that experience. Another obvious attribute of the photo...isn't it always the child that bears the least fear, hesitation, most inquisitiveness, most forgiveness, least distraction by anything we adults give pause to. Children are untainted by the span of life that teaches we adults caution, distrust, suspicion or etc.

ape kiss

I watched old "Planet of the Apes" this weekend too...This one has far enuf depths to be examined about ourselves, perceptions, traditions, and lifestyles/habits. Didn't this image catch you off guard? What was your first 3 thoughts? Then what did you change them to?...but that is another blog for another day.


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