Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Question of Our Words—How We Love Lies

Isn't it odd that people are often more prone to believe the lie and reject the truth. In fact, they would rather believe the lie....its much more soothing. What is so abrasive about the truth that we flee it in the masses? I have read countless stories of young female children being molested and the mother, when told, chose NOT to believe them. Now that is an extreme for instance, but you get the drift. Furthermore, words like "incredible" and "fantastic" sound like good positive words; but are they? If some says they are incredible, doesn't that imply that you should believe nothing they say? Afterall, nothing about them is credible, right? How about "fantastic," I feel Fantastic! Does that mean I feel like a fantasy; not real? Hmmm .... these are just odd thoughts from someone pretending to be normal which is in fact, the oddest normal of all.


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