Monday, March 19, 2007

Not the Clock; But the Pendulum

hanging on to pendulum

As I was having lunch, my pensive co-worker and I sank into a conversation. He had picked up a "christian" magazine about some coming events and wanted to know why the graphics person had blacked out the face. As I studied the cover, I also flipped inside to that story. A Ha! I declared, "its because he is from Pakistan! It is for identity concealment. It is a matter of life and death." Then he understood. It made sense then. I remarked how odd it would be to live in another country. He agreed, then responded; "but are we going forward or backwards?" I responded, "I dont know; but it aint there." Then the profundity of this blog fell from my fingertips.

The world is extremely divided over religion, sex, science, abortion, races and the list goes on. All have killed and all have sinned; there's no denying that one. My final response to my pensive coworker was in regards to the "pendulum." We can observe history and see that America, as well as many other countries/places, have swayed back and forth over many issues and even gone to war over some of them. As a society, we have gone back and forth over many issues. The question that begs the answer is "pendulums swing because they are attached at one central location; what is it?" My final response goes like this. Men will always disagree and worse. The pendulum of all men, their societies, and philosophies swing like the pendulum because we are all attached to one central Life is the one thing that gives or allows us all to disagree about pretty much anything and everything. Who has ever seen the dead argue or fight? The dead do not discriminate or hate. In death, the unity of peace reins and all men truely are equal.


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Andrew Stanfield said...

Powerful and insightful. My electronic pen is stilled. There is literally and figuratively nothing I can say.