Thursday, March 29, 2007

Missing You.....

hiding fish

Isn't it odd how you miss some things even more AFTER they're gone. Case in point, good friends! Sometimes they move away and other times, they just disappear. For whatever reason, they drop below the radar needing to make some drastic change. That can be good; or it can be otherwise. The problem iwth good friends; they are probably going to tell you just like it is and we don't always want to hear that. Sometimes we decide that we just want to make our mistakes in private — certainly a legitimate claim. From my standpoint; it doesn't matter to me what you decide; just say you decided. As I once heard, "you can tell me yes or you can tell me no; but you cannot tell me maybe." I guess I would just prefer to be told straight out just like it is and how it is. I would rather someone say "none of your business" than hmmm haaaaaa around. Just get to it. I am not offended by direct responses...I think most of us would be better off that way. Either way, I miss my friends (and you know who you are lurking just between the light and the shadows). I am for whatever makes you happy so long as nobody else suffers. LOL


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