Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Truth, Lies and the Preferrables

truth seduces Isn't it odd, and maybe this has never happened to you, but people rarely believe the truth. They certainily don't want to hear it; sell me your lies! That's the jest of it. The truth is either too horrific or pointed; let us suffer from blunt-force trama. Why do we not want the truth? Why would we prefer the lie? Is the truth also a lie when its based on perception?

Forbes Magazine lists at least 10 Ways You Can Tell If Someone Is Lying To You. Police officers and spies use a slew of interrogation tricks that the rest of us can adopt to improve our detection odds. The professionals look and listen for signs of nervousness, and pay close attention to the content of a suspect’s story. Does it contain a lot of detail? Does it stay consistent through repeated tellings?

Elisabeth Eaves at Forbes gives number of ways for you to detect lies. Couple of indications include:
Watch Body Language
Seek Detail
Beware Unpleasantness
Observe Eye Contact
Signs of Stress
Listen for the Pause
Ask Again
Beware Those Who Protest Too Much
Know Thyself
Work on Your Intuition

It all reminds me much of the Matrix; we would rather take the red pill that keeps the lie alive and my steak tastes so great. We would rather be "oh so politically correct" so "we" don't have to feel "uncomfortable" or be "judged" by someone or everyone else. Let somebody else say something or disagree. Hmmm....Oh well....I guess that's all I gotta sayabout this issue.



Bendy said...

The EYES have it, baby. What is so difficult about the truth anyway? I find it much easier to just tell it than to lie about it. Great topic!

Andrew Stanfield said...

Welcome back, Maximus. A blog worth the wait.