Friday, March 09, 2007

Black Snake Moan: Southern Deep, Extra Crispy!

black snake moan

Well, let me tell you this — there ain't no sleepin' in this one. What a phoenominal movie with mega roles from at least one mega star and the same intensity from a hip hop pop singer with a Beetlejuice sidekick. What ever your disposition on the old south, blacks, white trash, trailer parks and sex; this movie puts some severe question marks on what I believe we all struggle with in our minds but wouldn't dare say aloud. The roles of this movie are compelling; but the rawness of the honesty of the characters will suck your life experiences right into the silver screen. It's certainly not for the light-hearted; all thinkers need apply.

For the blues lover; some really great soundtrack material. Samuel L. does some great vocal work in this movie. If you close your eyes, it sounds like fresh turnip greens smell cooking on a small southern stove in a house with no air conditioning in July, just outside Mississippi; close to Alabama. There were no Snakes On A Plane in this one; all the snakes are made of log chains and emotional ropes. This movie is everything about broken people finding each other to heal. Only another broken could make these halves a whole. Unless you were born under a pew; something about this movie will have you thinking long after the credits. And if you were; try a slice of real life. It's an ambitious, artsy drama ripped from raw southern small town life; teaming with oceans of the emptiness we all have to need to belong and count for something in this life. Keep on moaning, Black Snake.


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