Thursday, March 29, 2007

Missing You.....

hiding fish

Isn't it odd how you miss some things even more AFTER they're gone. Case in point, good friends! Sometimes they move away and other times, they just disappear. For whatever reason, they drop below the radar needing to make some drastic change. That can be good; or it can be otherwise. The problem iwth good friends; they are probably going to tell you just like it is and we don't always want to hear that. Sometimes we decide that we just want to make our mistakes in private — certainly a legitimate claim. From my standpoint; it doesn't matter to me what you decide; just say you decided. As I once heard, "you can tell me yes or you can tell me no; but you cannot tell me maybe." I guess I would just prefer to be told straight out just like it is and how it is. I would rather someone say "none of your business" than hmmm haaaaaa around. Just get to it. I am not offended by direct responses...I think most of us would be better off that way. Either way, I miss my friends (and you know who you are lurking just between the light and the shadows). I am for whatever makes you happy so long as nobody else suffers. LOL


Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Truth, Lies and the Preferrables

truth seduces Isn't it odd, and maybe this has never happened to you, but people rarely believe the truth. They certainily don't want to hear it; sell me your lies! That's the jest of it. The truth is either too horrific or pointed; let us suffer from blunt-force trama. Why do we not want the truth? Why would we prefer the lie? Is the truth also a lie when its based on perception?

Forbes Magazine lists at least 10 Ways You Can Tell If Someone Is Lying To You. Police officers and spies use a slew of interrogation tricks that the rest of us can adopt to improve our detection odds. The professionals look and listen for signs of nervousness, and pay close attention to the content of a suspect’s story. Does it contain a lot of detail? Does it stay consistent through repeated tellings?

Elisabeth Eaves at Forbes gives number of ways for you to detect lies. Couple of indications include:
Watch Body Language
Seek Detail
Beware Unpleasantness
Observe Eye Contact
Signs of Stress
Listen for the Pause
Ask Again
Beware Those Who Protest Too Much
Know Thyself
Work on Your Intuition

It all reminds me much of the Matrix; we would rather take the red pill that keeps the lie alive and my steak tastes so great. We would rather be "oh so politically correct" so "we" don't have to feel "uncomfortable" or be "judged" by someone or everyone else. Let somebody else say something or disagree. Hmmm....Oh well....I guess that's all I gotta sayabout this issue.


Monday, March 19, 2007

Not the Clock; But the Pendulum

hanging on to pendulum

As I was having lunch, my pensive co-worker and I sank into a conversation. He had picked up a "christian" magazine about some coming events and wanted to know why the graphics person had blacked out the face. As I studied the cover, I also flipped inside to that story. A Ha! I declared, "its because he is from Pakistan! It is for identity concealment. It is a matter of life and death." Then he understood. It made sense then. I remarked how odd it would be to live in another country. He agreed, then responded; "but are we going forward or backwards?" I responded, "I dont know; but it aint there." Then the profundity of this blog fell from my fingertips.

The world is extremely divided over religion, sex, science, abortion, races and the list goes on. All have killed and all have sinned; there's no denying that one. My final response to my pensive coworker was in regards to the "pendulum." We can observe history and see that America, as well as many other countries/places, have swayed back and forth over many issues and even gone to war over some of them. As a society, we have gone back and forth over many issues. The question that begs the answer is "pendulums swing because they are attached at one central location; what is it?" My final response goes like this. Men will always disagree and worse. The pendulum of all men, their societies, and philosophies swing like the pendulum because we are all attached to one central Life is the one thing that gives or allows us all to disagree about pretty much anything and everything. Who has ever seen the dead argue or fight? The dead do not discriminate or hate. In death, the unity of peace reins and all men truely are equal.


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Question of Our Words—How We Love Lies

Isn't it odd that people are often more prone to believe the lie and reject the truth. In fact, they would rather believe the lie....its much more soothing. What is so abrasive about the truth that we flee it in the masses? I have read countless stories of young female children being molested and the mother, when told, chose NOT to believe them. Now that is an extreme for instance, but you get the drift. Furthermore, words like "incredible" and "fantastic" sound like good positive words; but are they? If some says they are incredible, doesn't that imply that you should believe nothing they say? Afterall, nothing about them is credible, right? How about "fantastic," I feel Fantastic! Does that mean I feel like a fantasy; not real? Hmmm .... these are just odd thoughts from someone pretending to be normal which is in fact, the oddest normal of all.


Friday, March 09, 2007

Black Snake Moan: Southern Deep, Extra Crispy!

black snake moan

Well, let me tell you this — there ain't no sleepin' in this one. What a phoenominal movie with mega roles from at least one mega star and the same intensity from a hip hop pop singer with a Beetlejuice sidekick. What ever your disposition on the old south, blacks, white trash, trailer parks and sex; this movie puts some severe question marks on what I believe we all struggle with in our minds but wouldn't dare say aloud. The roles of this movie are compelling; but the rawness of the honesty of the characters will suck your life experiences right into the silver screen. It's certainly not for the light-hearted; all thinkers need apply.

For the blues lover; some really great soundtrack material. Samuel L. does some great vocal work in this movie. If you close your eyes, it sounds like fresh turnip greens smell cooking on a small southern stove in a house with no air conditioning in July, just outside Mississippi; close to Alabama. There were no Snakes On A Plane in this one; all the snakes are made of log chains and emotional ropes. This movie is everything about broken people finding each other to heal. Only another broken could make these halves a whole. Unless you were born under a pew; something about this movie will have you thinking long after the credits. And if you were; try a slice of real life. It's an ambitious, artsy drama ripped from raw southern small town life; teaming with oceans of the emptiness we all have to need to belong and count for something in this life. Keep on moaning, Black Snake.