Thursday, December 21, 2006

Sundown in Christmastown!

One of my other favorite parts of Christmas are the spectacular fights! Every year I look for my favorite cartoon and my favorite movie. They are the things that mark Christmas for me in TV land. These guys are classic. Look at this brute. My, isn't he a handsome one. He loves it hot!!! Nashville is a very warm place this Christmas. It appears there may be no white Christmas in store. The hotter of two brothers, Heat Miser is running the show! Even the reindeer are migrating back north. All his friends complain about the spandex in his wardrobe and that whatever he touches: starts to melt Preferred temperature: 100 degrees Special abilities: Projecting heat rays; concentrating warmth from the sun and heating up geographic areas; making flames appear from thin air Known weaknesses: A bad temper that could lead to impulsive mistakes.

The cooler brother, Snow Miser is a bit scrawnier than HM. This allows him to be easily bullied by his older, wiser brother. He is definitely a momma's boy and all his friends say whatever he touches, turns to snow Preferred temperature: Freezing Special abilities: Projecting "cold" rays; lowering the temperature of geographic areas and causing it to snow; making hats out of snow (and turning them back into snow again) Known weaknesses: Much more relaxed (lazier?) than Heat Miser.

The two are always fighting. This latest rumble has spilled over into the WWF and has become a monsterous brawl. In the end, the victor stood on the head of the other. He is the reining champion for nearly a decade. Click here to see who won.... If only I could turn these two lose on mean holiday shoppers. [...need more dirt on HM and SM, get it all here!]


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Bendy said...

I love those characters too! I haven't seen that show in awhile. Must look for it!